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Which keyboard for iPad to choose for the New year

Edition Macdigger offers to get acquainted with several high quality keyboards for the iPad.

Keyboards for wearable devices on the market are a great many, but most of them — clumsily collected Chinese covers with keypad from cheap plastic. But among them you can still find something comfortable and high quality. After some discussion, the editors have compiled a list of the 5 best (in our opinion) keyboards for Apple tablets.

1. Original Apple Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad is 9.7. If you have a younger model from family of professional tablets, that is your choice. Full support for all applications, a minimum delay (say Hello to Denis Popovkin) when pressed, does not require a separate charger. Price — about $ 200.

2. Moshi VersaKeyboard. Suitable for the same version of iPad, the previous. The key difference, which can be both a plus and a minus, is that the keyboard is not attached to the case. As seen in the photo, you can put a tablet in front of you, and a keyboard unit positioned so as, it will be convenient in each case. The keyboard itself can be anchored back case for iPad carrying. Requires separate charging. The price is about $ 100.

3. Logitech Create. Flip case with keys that are only activated when a tablet is installed horizontally and connected to the Smart Connector. Does not require any additional charge, takes the power directly from iPad. A pleasant surprise will be light with multiple modes. The price of 120-140 dollars.

4. Zagg Slim Book. This model also uses a Smart Connector. And the connection happens via Bluetooth. Unlike previous keyboards — support dual Bluetooth connection. This means that you can connect two devices to the keyboard and easily switch between them using the keys. This is useful if you want to connect to your Mac or iPhone in addition to iPad Pro. Slim Book is a lot more versatile than the original keyboard offered by the manufacturer. The Apple keyboard is limited to one angle, while the Zagg can be set at any angle. And, if necessary, even to disconnect and put next. Approximate price — $ 140.

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5. Old keyboard from a Macintosh. Fashionable and much cheaper solution if available an old keyboard from a Mac adapter PS/2 to USB and Lightning connector to USB. Will just have to join the whole chain together. Everyone who comes into the co-working space with this set of devices, can be sure that the attention of hipsters will be drawn only on an unusual keyboard. Price — from 0 to 300 dollars.

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