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Which is better: Apple News or Google News

In mid-may, 2018, Google introduced a redesigned Google News. AppleInsider decided to compare Apple News and choose the best.

Both apps are very similar — they allow the user to stay in the loop and customize the news feed according to your taste. However, there are some differences.

Personal tape

In both applications there is a section “For you”, where users can find the most exciting their topics.

When you run the Apple News you want to mark the region of interest and preferred resources. Google also analyzes the pre-collected data about the user: search queries and most visited using Google Chrome websites. This allows you to see personalized news feed when you first start the program.

Apple collects about users of such detailed information, so the news is displayed Apple News, a little less personalized.


In addition to personalized ribbon, Apple News sections:

  • Spotlight — where is collected the most interesting, according to Apple editors, the proceedings of the day;
  • The Following is where users can find a large number of channels, themes and stories than personal tape;
  • Search — to search for information about events;
  • Saved — where you can view the saved publication.

Google News sections have similar functions:

  • For you — personalized custom tape;
  • Headlines is reminiscent of the Apple News Spotlight, but the materials he selects the robot;
  • Favorites — repeats Following Apple News;
  • Newsstand — provides access to a variety of publications and resources, including those that require a paid subscription.

Overall impression

Despite the fact that Google News offers a more interesting person news at the beginning of usage, both apps become better, as artificial intelligence technologies help to better define the concerns of user questions.

Publish to Apple News look more structured, easier to read. Due to the adaptive partitioning, the news can be viewed in full-screen mode, and the pictures and photos are more organic.

Artificial intelligence has not yet learned to identify the most pressing issues better than people. Therefore, the efforts of the living Apple News editors allow you to see really sharp and exclusive materials.

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