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Whether you are buying iPhone SE second generation? [poll]

French site iGeneration, citing close to the Apple source said that in late August, Apple plans to unveil the second generation of the iPhone SE.

This information looks suspicious, because Apple, unlike Samsung, never announced a new phone in August. iPhone SE debuted in March of last year, the main novelties of the company shows in September. the iPhone 4s was released in October 2011.

If the information is confirmed, and Apple has really decided to make a presentation before the September announcement of the iPhone 8, then updated its iPhone SE will get many changes, which deserve a detailed presentation. Given that iPhone SE has been filling the iPhone 6s, we can assume that the successor will boast equipment iPhone 7, including display with 3D Touch support.

It is reported that the iPhone SE the second generation will be 399 euros. The current generation 4-inch smartphone available in France at a price of 489 euros.

The August announcement of the device with such attractive features and a reasonable price can affect sales of its flagship smartphones.

What do you think, how real is the presentation of Apple in August? Whether you are buying a new iPhone SE?

Whether you are buying a new iPhone SE?

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