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Whether the YotaPhone 3 become a worthy competitor to the iPhone 8?

Last week Yota Devices announced the third generation YotaPhone original Android smartphone with two screens. Despite rumors of the closure of the project, the company has announced its intention to release a new modification of the smartphone. And judging by the timing of the release, the novelty will have to compete with the iPhone 8. In the publication Life believe that the third version of the YotaPhone will act with more dignity than the previous two.

The first YotaPhone failed — noisy, hopeless and shameful. The device came a year later than planned, and advertised the black-and-white screen was not touch. Upset from the body (a rectangular plastic brick) to prices (20 thousand rubles).

The second YotaPhone discussed, praised and compared with the flagships, but the consumer it is not appreciated. In November 2015, the retail chain reported that he sold a month only 270 device with two screens. Total of both generations YotaPhone has sold 75,000 copies — a terrible result against the background of rosy expectations.

Later the Chinese company China Baoli bought from Yota Devices 30% stake and formed a joint venture with Coolpad (one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in Asia). In September 2016, the development of the third YotaPhone dismissed the Russian office, and in March, the current head of the state Corporation rostec (which owns a blocking stake in Yota Devices) Sergey Chemezov said that the Chinese investor allocates money for the creation of a new smartphone with two screens. It seemed that the history of this promising but unfortunate gadget completed.

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Yota Devices is a teaser shot of another “Yota phone” in a time when no one was waiting for. And, oddly enough, it is now possible to speculate that the device will become popular.

First, virtually eliminated clowning with terms. Smartphone designed and make in China, and deadlines are already announced: summer — announcement and pre-order the fall — the appearance on the shelves. Let’s hope that nothing goes wrong.

Secondly, we are waiting for an adequate price at the start. The story of the first generation YotaPhone taught: to compete with the flagships — senseless and doomed idea. It is wiser to break into the middle class and deal with the competitors out there. No price tags in the area of 550-600 dollars cannot go and speeches is the range for Apple and Samsung. Rest there is nothing to do. Even the flagship Sony remain unclaimed, what can we say about Yota Devices, a little known company, behind which there is not a single bestseller?

$ 300-400 is a normal event for the YotaPhone 3. Yes, there is a top iron, but it is not required: even budget processors provide work without slowdown.

Thirdly, the new gadget will be positioned as the pride of the Fatherland, Russian long-awaited smartphone. These conversations always followed the YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2, and the buyers invariably there is a reasonable question: if we have done, why is it so expensive? In response, the leaders of Yota Devices mumbled about the high price of components — and then it turned out that the machine is not quite Russian.

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Now there is no such contradiction: YotaPhone 3 is developed in China, where he will be. It is a regular smartphone without the admixture of jingoism.

There is another reason it would be strange to remain silent. The fact that the release of the YotaPhone is superimposed on the time when designers of smartphones paralyzed body responsible for imagination. Almost all devices are the same: metal case, large screen, barely visible button under it. Factory stamp clones that differ from each other only by the logos.

Of course, it’s sad, but a truly original smartphones delight. Remember, what was the reaction to the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8: even the loyal Apple fans have praised Koreans for the experiment with edge-to-edge “infinity” display.

It is difficult to imagine that the output of the YotaPhone 3 will be accompanied by the same deafening effect, but a smartphone with two screens will certainly provoke interest and curiosity. And if China will save the gadget from a framework along the perimeter of the display, here will terzayut and iPhone owners. Although rumors attributed iPhone 8 frameless display, the “limitless” screens is a pretty seductive thing. Although a primary role, as always, will play the implementation of innovations.

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