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Whether in iOS themes?

24.06.2017 0 Comments

When I see on any Android phone themes, the mind immediately have fond memories of Symbian and Nokia. The Nokia 6600 Series 60, Deviantart, mnogogolovy search great savers, they add further joy, how much can change workspace gadget. Those were the good days. With iOS, the situation is quite different. It is about whether there should be themes on the iPhone and iPad – I want to talk and also to know your opinion in the comments.

Whether in iOS themes?

In iOS initially no themes at the level of the operating system settings, as it was in the same Symbian many years ago. We cannot go to the menu and choose one of five available topics, and if none came, to detect a button “load more”. Now themes do not honor, if you look at it from a clean OS – iOS, Android, Windows Phone – they are not anywhere else.

The reader with experience, it is reasonable to argue that the absence of themes in each of the “operatsionok” for a reason. In the iOS no, because that is the policy of Apple is to give the user as complete and concise product with a final, flawless design, and the ability to change the skins of any does not fall under this ideology. In the Android themes is, thousands of them, just go to Google Play, download one of the skins already and for her to pump hundreds of topics.

Approximately the same can be done in iOS, after making a jailbreak. But with this way of thinking is not considered one simple detail – the complexity of the jailbreak for the masses. Yes, for many of you, dear readers, this will seem strange, but it is, in the world today more and more people are using their iPhone as a normal phone for calls and a device for correspondence. The smartphone market replaces the market for conventional mobile phones, so there are millions of users for which the conjunction of the words “Apple ID and App Store” and not what “jailbreak and Cydia” is something dark and incomprehensible.

Whether in iOS themes?

What is the use of themes, since we are here they are so meticulously trying to discuss? By and large it is just a visual change home screen smartphone and nothing more. The question for each particular person to that visual. For someone it is important that a smartphone was nice, suitable for the style of the OS image on the desktop and lock screen, shortcuts to programs have been arranged in a particular order, the icons are organized in folders.

From this perspective, Android offers more features. The same firmware MIUI (Xiaomi) and Flyme (Meizu) include themes initially available in large numbers. And, the cool thing is not even that much, and the possibility of combining and matching icons from one theme, visual style menu, and the font from the second picture from the third, and so on.

On iOS, as already mentioned, the option to get acquainted with the themes, it’s the execution of the jailbreak and install one of the popular package for visual transformation – Winterboard, Anemone, etc. Is the package, and selects the available themes, hundreds of them. What if the theme will be available in the settings in iOS clean, and new ones will be available in two clicks from the App Store? Bought people iPhone, went to settings for the sake of curiosity, or perhaps to dim the screen to adjust, and saw a separate line of “Themes”. Looked back, and inside dozens of diverse designs. If a curious person and he interested, he will “poke” in different topics, to put them, compare the visual styles and so on, so forth. Thus man will become a step closer to the so-called “experienced users” and, who knows, maybe after a year of using a smartphone will be released on a whole new level of knowledge in this environment.

Whether in iOS themes?

Sounds a little naive and weird, but just think, what iOS can to entice the user to study? Except that the App Store, but often such a study is associated with a waste of money. Themes, they are all similar from the point of view of the system and not “litter” it, and the majority of those for shells, usually free. Installing fresh topic, which, like the man, it is actually a visual upgrade of the smartphone, just not external, but internal.

For these reasons, it is believed that iOS need themes, and not in the form of variations, like in stock Android or are available to download from Google Play skins or custom firmware, and as a separate service standard for the system.

How do you feel about the possibility to change themes in iOS? Is that necessary? Or do you lack a standard interface?


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