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Whether AirPods to stay in your ears?

Three years ago, presenting the world EarPods, Apple assured that they will fit most iPhone and iPad users thanks to an incredibly comfortable and ergonomic form. However, headphones still tend to fall out of ears when running. New wireless AirPods suffer less from this problem: they are sufficiently securely held in the ear, according to early reviews of “Apple” accessory.

Susie OKH from MacWorld tested the AirPods on the presentation of Apple, and here is what she wrote:

“I not only danced: I shook my head, moved it from side to side, waving hair, jumped into place. Then I probably looked pretty silly. However, AirPods and remained in my ears. Headphones do not fall out and sounded pretty loud. I almost could not make out the words of others, I am immersed in listening. Impressive.”

John Gruber of Daring Fireball wrote about the same thing:

“I had the same impression. Now I’m not interested in wired headphones Apple AirPods seem better and much more convenient.”

Observers of The Verge in turn, are not so sure that the AirPods will not fall out at one point.

“They sit in my ears slightly better than the EarPods but not by much. I jumped and shook his head, they held quite securely. But I have no confidence that they will not fall out during vigorous workouts. If you get one of the headphone, music stops automatically, that’s great – they have a sensor that detects when they are in their ears.”

From SlashGear also have some doubts:

“My problem, which I am sure is not only me that Apple chose design earphone, which allows them to stay securely in my ears. They have no rubber grips or loops. It’s like the EarPods, which are in ear and are waiting to fall out at one point when I begin to move more actively. AirPods in this respect is not much different from them.

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Although AirPods no wires that can pull the earphone out of your ears, at the same time, they have no “insurance”: it seems that at one point they may accidentally slip out of the ear and be lost. Of course, you can listen to music or make calls with one headset, but it’s a little comforting when you have lost half of the device for $159″.

Most journalists agree that the AirPods more comfortable than the EarPods. However, if the last falling out when running, then the same will be true for AirPods. The start of sales of the headset is scheduled for October of this year.

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