Where to find the coolest Apple posters about the most important?

Earlier this year, Apple launched an ad campaign dedicated to the privacy of iPhones. First, it was billboards at CES 2019 in January in Las Vegas:


Apple hinted that safety is most important

Alexander Pobyvanets

January 6, 2019

Then came a funny and cool movie about privacy:

And then the campaign got out of the United States altogether. It began with Canada, where Apple paged Google:


Apple teases Google about security

Kostya Baranov

July 4, 2019

Now the line has reached Germany. Billboards in the style are located in two cities: Hamburg and Berlin.

While the network has information about three billboards. One of them is located in the docks of Hamburg:

Photo: Frank Peters / Apple Germany

Literally, this billboard can be translated as “Gates to the world. But not for your information. ”

On another billboard is not the most original joke. You can find it on the railway bridge crossing the Shanz-Strasse:

Photo: Frank Peters / Apple Germany

This joke is based on a play on words. Literally, it can be translated as “It doesn’t talk about Hamburger as a Hamburger,” but we all understand that the not very talkative hamburger was mentioned here.

And another one. She can be found in Berlin on Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse. It just says “Welcome to the safe sector”. And this is an obvious reference to the GDR:

Photo: Frank Peters / Apple Germany

The main phrase of the campaign is written on all billboards: “Privacy is the iPhone.” But generally we are waiting for such billboards in Russia. I wonder how Apple will beat our privacy?

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