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Where to buy drones DJI Phantom and DJI 3 SE Mavic Pro with a good discount

Unmanned vehicles of different types are becoming more popular. Manufacturers, knowing this, try to produce more and more models of copters. Today in our selection of the best quadcopters DJI, the company that now offers a discount of up to $200.

1. DJI Phantom 3 SE

DJI Phantom 3 in the version “SE” received the ability to shoot video in 4K instead of 2.7 K. the drone boasts an improved mode of online broadcast via wifi to your smartphone, allowing real-time watch 720p at 30 fps for everything happening. The maximum range of Phantom 3 SE is 3.6 km away.

In the BOM for Phantom 3 SE indicates support of the system Vision Positioning System, which was registered before the feature only Phantom 3 Professional. It allows to achieve extreme accuracy in the positioning of the quadcopter during flight, providing the error of ±0.1 m vertically and ±0.3 m horizontally. Using Vision Positioning System UAV manoeuvring in confined areas and places where the GPS signal is unavailable, will be a trifling matter.

Price with coupon : $569,99 + free shipping
Coupon code : DJISE50 (discount $50)


2. DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic DJI Pro copter foldable small size. The device has a 12.7 megapixel camera with support for RAW format Adobe DNG.

The main feature of Mavic Pro that distinguish it from peers DJI Phantom series — fully foldable design and maximum ease! During transport, the chassis of the copter can be completely clamped to the fuselage, whereby the device can be placed in a small backpack (or fixed to the cords on the outside of the backpack). And to expand the drone from a fully folded condition and to prepare for flight, takes only a few seconds.

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Price with coupon : $999 + free shipping
Coupon code : HXFQD200 (discount $200)


3. DJI Mavic Pro combo set

Features and benefits of the DJI Mavic Pro make it one of the most exciting quadcopters on the market. A new system of data transfer, 24 high-performance cores, 4 of the visual sensor, a 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal — all ready to shoot at any moment.

In the box DJI Mavic Pro additionally includes: car charger, adapter additional power source to the battery, two additional smart battery, two extra pairs of propellers, charger hub, the branded bag.

Price with coupon : $1258 + free shipping
Coupon code : HXFMV161 ($161)


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