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Where sells the most expensive iPhone 6s?

Sales of the iPhone 6s launched in the U.S. and in several more countries on September 25, 2015. Now mobile flagship Apple officially available in more than 60 countries. Actually, not all of these countries, the smartphone is available for citizens from a financial point of view – his price is too high for a population that prefers to buy budget gadgets of other brands. In the list of the countries with the highest prices on the latest Apple smartphone, the first places are occupied by Turkey and India.

Cnet experts conducted a study of the index of the price of iPhone 6s in different countries, which shows the difference between the cost of the phone and the national GDP per capita. In States with a high index device is expensive. Conversely, where the ratio is lower for more affordable iPhone 6s.

The results of the study, the most expensive for the population of iPhone 6s in the minimum configuration was in Turkey its price is 3099 Turkish liras (64 700 rubles), but a basic iPhone 6s Plus here asking 3499 Turkish liras (73 000). On the second place on the cost of the gadget is India. In the country Bollywood blockbuster iPhone 6s with 16 GB memory worth RS 62000 58 000 rubles, and the iPhone 6s Plus – 92 000 86 644 rupees or rubles.

Most affordable to buy Apple-flagship in the United States. Here are the prices for “Apple” the novelty will start from $649 for the lowest model iPhone 6s (40 000), for iPhone 6s Plus asking $749 or 46 000.

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In Russia sales of the iPhone 6s launched on 9 October. Smartphone in a basic edition for the price 56 990 rubles per model memory 16 GB, 65 990 rubles for modification with 64 GB of memory and 74 990 rubles for a model with 128 GB. iPhone 6s Plus was released at a price of 65 990 rubles for the version with memory 16 GB, 74 990 rubles for a model with 64 GB and 83 990 rubles for modification with 128 GB.

On October 23 the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be on sale in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia and GUAM. At the moment information on the cost of new smartphones Apple in these countries. By the end of the year the total number of States, which will be sold “Apple” novelties will reach 130.

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