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Where is more profitable to buy the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: comparison of official prices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

In late October, Apple begins selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Belarus and Ukraine. New Apple flagships will be available in classic colors gold, silver and “rose gold” as well as new shades of black and “black onyx”. Ukrainians and Belarusians are finally getting the opportunity to buy new gadgets from Apple legal.

MacDigger decided to compare the cost of Apple smartphones in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We used the prices in Russian Apple online store, the official reseller of company products on the territory of Ukraine and ASBIS Belarusian reseller For convenience, the currency of neighbouring countries were translated into rubles at the exchange rate on 8 October.

The comparison revealed that residents of Ukraine and Belarus buying an official iPhone cost more expensive, than in Russia. In our country the 32-Gigabyte iPhone 7 is 56 990 rubles, and in Ukraine – as many (23 499 UAH), in Belarus – 63 190 rubles (1939 Belarusian rubles). This smartphone configuration 128 GB appreciated in Russia 65 990 rubles, in the “square” – 66 700 rubles (27 499 UAH), in Belarus – 72 960 rubles (2239 Belarusian rubles). “Seven” in the top configuration is also cheaper in Russia: 74 990 rubles against 77 and 82 600 730 rubles in Ukraine and Belarus, respectively.

The difference in prices for the iPhone 7 Plus three countries even more. Most affordable 5.5-inch smartphone from Apple in Russia is offered for 67 990 rubles, and in Ukraine – 70 300 rubles (28 990 UAH) in Belarus for 74 900 roubles (2299 Belarusian rubles). Model 128 GB of 76 990 rubles, Belarus – 80 000 (2599 BYR) in Ukraine – 84 990 rubles (32 to 999 UAH). Version the iPhone 7 Plus with a storage capacity of 256 GB will cost 990 85, 87 300 (35 999 UAH) and 94 500 rubles (2899 Belarusian rubles), respectively.

What it was related so noticeable the difference in prices on the new iPhone and why is it so “lucky” Belarusians, hard to say. The cost of mobile devices regulates directly in the Apple together with the authorised distributors in the countries. And must comply with all authorized partners of the company. The price of any goods is formed taking into account taxes, cost of delivery, terms of contract with the vendor and other factors.

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