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“Where are the best rates?”: Timothy launches its own mobile operator Stars

Founded by rapper Timati group of companies Black Star launches its own mobile operator and other projects. Its first product Black Star intends to launch before the end of this year.

Group of companies Black Star, Timati based, and the company “Atlas” has created a technological company Stars, which will provide services of a virtual operator under the brand Stars Mobile. The new operator is designed for young people and will offer a “state of the art communication services, e-Commerce and banking 30-million-strong audience of artists of the label,” reads the project description.

“We believe that it is time for those products and services that will meet the urgent request of our audience, namely: spend less, get effective bonuses and super offer in the future, perhaps, even earn,” — said General Director of the Black Star Pavel Kuryanov.

First Black Star is going to launch cashback service that will allow you to return part of the money spent on the trading floors partners. According to kuryanova, the launch could take place in autumn 2017.

Until the end of 2017, the company intends to connect the first customers to its virtual network operator. Black Star has not yet found a partner among mobile operators, but have already sent them a proposal for cooperation.

The main market for Stars will be the countries of the CIS, although the company does not rule out international expansion. Audience its mobile services Black Star believes “mobile and living young people who love to save, love, new projects”. The Kuryanov believes that the current Black Star audience consists of such people.

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Technology provider, a co-investor and managing partner of the Stars will be virtual mobile operator “Atlas” Evgeny Gordeev. Black Star will develop a concept for the introduction and promotion of products by using “creative solutions”, a private media and “tools of virality”. Partners are involved in Stars on equal terms.

How much the partners have invested in the project, not reported. Investment is already spending Atlas for development projects for the Black Star. Decisions on further investment will be made later.

Enter to Black Star music label Black Star, a clothing brand with its own chain of stores Wear Black Star, Black Star Burger chain Burger. Black Star Inc. founded musician Timur Yunusov, known as Timothy, he also owns shares in the project group of companies.

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