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When will the next revolutionary Apple product?

Apple is the market leader in mobile devices. The company from Cupertino has released the most popular in the history of smartphone, tablet and smart watch, broke all sales records in the last quarter and currently is the most expensive Corporation in the world.

The real achievements of the Apple can be seen if we analyze how quickly she was on top. Just five years ago, the working capital of the Empire of Steve jobs was about 200 billion, he’s now exceeds 500 billion But how long the company can maintain a high growth rate?

Not long ago, the New York Times has published an article, which says that if you follow the law of the “Golden theorem” that growth Apple will soon go into decline. Many other companies, including Microsoft and Cisco, are “victims” of this law.

The fact that all the recent successes of Apple are associated with the introduction of new gadgets: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. In order to sustain growth, companies will either have to continue to increase sales of current devices or invent a brand new exclusive product.

Experts believe that the next fundamentally new Apple gadget will be augmented reality glasses. This is confirmed by the rumors about the close cooperation with the manufacturer Carl Zeiss optics.

Sources claim that Apple plans to release its own smart glasses later this year. In particular, as found by a well-known blogger Robert Scoble, product presentation can coincide with the Grand opening of the new headquarters or to the release of the iPhone 8 in September.

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If we ignore the temporal aspect of the story, that Apple is really quite a long time has invested heavily in augmented reality technology. In addition to hiring people who have a deep knowledge in this area, there are a number of reports from reliable sources confirming information about the following main categories: Apple products. For example, Bloomberg at the end of last year I wrote that Apple has ordered “a small number of displays for “smart” points from one supplier to test” before a planned product launch by 2018.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously reported that Apple is working on new AR-technology that is 3-5 years ahead of the competition. The head of the company Tim cook last few months talking about the great prospects of augmented reality and the benefits last over virtual reality.

Apple, of course, often exploring new technologies and products that are never put into practice, as was the case with high-definition television. However, the increasing number of rumors that Apple is preparing the AR-glasses, gets harder to ignore. It is believed that the upcoming iPhone 8 will work in conjunction with the new AR glasses.

What do you think, will augmented reality glasses Apple thus a revolutionary product that you expect from the company?

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