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When Tim Cook Apple products started to linger

According to The Wall Street Journal, an American newspaper, the delay between announcement of the product and its appearance on the shelves were two times more likely under the leadership of Tim cook.

When it was released and updated more than 70 devices. Five of them were detained for three or more months, and nine others from one to three months. About the same number of gadgets was introduced under Steve jobs, but only one was delayed for more than three months.

Accordingly, it has become more the average waiting time of a new product. Six years ago this period was 11 days, this period increased to 23 days. This information the newspaper learned by analyzing public statements by Apple executives.

It is also noted that basically delayed the new devices such as the original Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod. Analysts believe The Wall Street Journal, it could affect the profits of the company and to enable competitors to copy gadgets. In addition, changes in the timing of the appearance of products is very disappointing to buyers.

Despite some failures, Tim cook is known for many achievements. He managed to double Apple’s revenue more than doubled, the price of the Apple stock over the last six years have increased more than three times and reached a record high. And most recently, the company stated that they expect a new sales record in the last three months of 2017.

Against this background, delays of products – especially such a small average difference seems very insignificant.

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