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When Steve Jobs is it: 10 Apple failures

At the time, Apple managed to create a perfect image of the company, each product which becomes a cult. They say now that the company is not the same. That’s when Steve Jobs supposedly didn’t. However, not every step in the history of the fruit business of the Empire was correct.

Today founder of Apple remember as the “father of digital revolution” that created the iPod, iPhone, iPad, launch the App store and the operating system macOS. But deep in the archives of the Cupertino stored data on multiple devices, has become a real commercial failure.

1. The USB mouse in the shape of a washer

Computer mouse in the form of puck was released by Apple in 1998. Done with Steve Jobs, stood out with the first iMac. One of the features of the mouse was connected via USB port. At that time, most of these devices were connected to a special port. Consumers do not like the shape that resembled a hockey puck. Two years after the appearance of the mouse sales had to stop.

2. Macintosh TV

In 1993, long before the idea of Internet TV guide Apple decided that the company should establish its own TV. It’s certainly not Apple TV, as we see it today, just the TV, which can be used as a monitor. Why is it needed? The same question asked by your potential consumers. The vast majority of them decided not to spend $2000 on a hybrid monitor and TV, which was not able to broadcast the television signal simultaneously with the operation of the computer.

3. Console Pippin

Apple and Bandai, the Japanese tried to launch a joint game project. The Japanese did to the Americans in the console called Pippin, and the Americans were convinced that promoted it in the United States. The console has sold 42 000 copies, which sounds ridiculous on the background of Nintendo records. Recall that the Japanese player back in the late eighties managed to create a console, whose sales reached 61 million copies. Compare your results with the achievements of Nintendo and other heavyweights of the sector, Apple has decided to close the project.

4. Apple III computer

We in any case do not presume to judge the Apple III itself. It’s really a breakthrough computer model, which in many ways was ahead of its time. However, the first batch of devices is really proved unsuccessful. Problems have arisen because of the new layout of the chips on the motherboard. Apple had to withdraw the 14,000 Apple III and recycle. In the end, timline Apple devices the third model was the only one for which separately indicate the results before and after revision.

5. The Apple MessagePad PDA

Remember the acronym PDA? Compact personal computers has long been considered the most fashionable devices on the market, and a series of Apple MessagePad was one of the first in the world. Launched it in 1987. These devices are also known by the name of the operating system Newton, where they worked. The so-called Newton PDA failed to win the market, but competitors have developed better designs and gradually squeezed out of the Apple from this niche.

6. Camera Apple Quicktake

The Apple QuickTake was one of the first in the world of digital cameras. She appeared on shelves in 1994 and was clearly ahead of his time. In the era of the domination of traditional photography and such famous companies as Kodak, the QuickTake has received the status of a white crow. And the quality of the photos at that time left much to be desired. In 1997, Apple had to halt sales of the camera have not found a place in the market.

7. Computer Power Mac G4 Cube

Power Mac G4 Cube by today’s standards and looks great. This system unit Apple appeared on the market in 2000 and immediately attracted the attention appearance. However, the functionality was unsatisfactory. The unit did not even place the cooler, which led to overheating. And the price is $1.8 thousand not allowed to sell it as a real alternative comparable in performance PC. In 2001 I had to remove Power Mac G4 Cube.

8. Stereo system iPod Hi-Fi

No wonder Apple decided to buy the manufacturer of headphones and audio Beats: own development, the company from Cupertino in this field do not always meet expectations. Speakers for the iPod called the iPod Hi-Fi, released in 2006, like the critics due to his appearance, but immediately came under heavy criticism for the low quality of sound reproduction. Less than a year after the start of sales had to eliminate this product.

9. Socks for iPod

In 2004, at the peak of popularity of the iPod Apple marketers were ready to dig in its heels, only to come up with another product that could be sold in conjunction with the player. One of the most inadequate decisions was the issue of covers for the iPod in the form of socks. Third-party manufacturers have sold much more ergonomic covers, in addition, to wear the iPod was not visible, and all wanted to put it off.

10. Bluetooth headset for iPhone

In 2007 appeared on the market not only the iPhone, but a Bluetooth headset for him. Unlike the smartphone, the headset didn’t become legendary. The popularity of such devices rapidly came to naught, in addition, developments from competitors were cheaper and more effective than that offered by Apple. And yet two years product on the market lasted. Since then, the shops sold only the Apple headsets from third-party developers.

Bonus: bags will

Apple changed the world not only for its electronic products. For technical retail revolution began, the Apple stores are spacious, with huge tables, which neatly samples of gadgets and glass staircases. And out of this magical castle for some reason the bag. Natural (in all senses) bag with two strap. If purchase was, say, a MacBook Pro, then put it in a big bag that will drag on the ground and put ropes in hand. You can wear it like a backpack, but it is better not to do this, the shoulders would hurt. Definitely — failure!

Fortunately, not long ago, the Apple stores have switched to other paper packages of the usual form.

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