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When is the best time to buy a MacBook?

The best time to buy laptop? This question is asked by many Mac users. There are no revolutionary Lithgow. There is a calendar of presentations laptops, conditional periodicity of the new generation. More calendar of holidays and season ood-tide of students from learning what Apple and other manufacturers often tied presentations, and shops change prices.

When you can buy the new or not quite new, but cheaper than usual? Watch the market and news. But if there is an urgent need, any laptops you can buy today, though — the market is quite competitive models with similar features and price tags, writes Ain.

The schedule

All notebook presentations are conventionally three approaches:

  • the season of “back to school” from June to August will present the “school” model, not designed for performance, but not standing all the money;
  • holiday season — from September to December show a more expensive model and more impressive;
  • the spring presentations are held from February to April.

Practically no one model gets to the market immediately after the announcement. New laptops you can buy, as a rule, a month and a half for the presentation. Most often it about July-August and November-December, when in the midst of preparations for the new school year or New year/Christmas. At the same time the majority of major retailers resets prices. That is, the laptops to buy at full price in March and September, and in August and November. For example, with prices of 12-inch MacBook, early in the year which cost about $1300, and by August cheapened to $1150. Guarantee that the same will happen next year with any other model no.

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At the helm of Intel and NVIDIA

In addition to releasing new laptops, manufacturers are also upgrading the current line. As a rule, not more than once a year (for business laptops — once in a year and a half). These updates are also not random and are tied to apdejtam Intel. The latter, for example, occurred in September, Intel introduced the processors of the 7th generation Kaby Lake. But will release them only in 2017, so the new running on Kaby Lake of MacBook you can buy early next year (tentatively, spring). Following a solid update architecture, Intel Cannonlake, waiting until the second half of 2017.

For gaming notebooks is not so much processor, how many graphic. Then it’s up to NVIDIA: the new Pascal GPU, the company introduced in August. Upgraded laptops to buy today — Pascal GPUs are in the latest Alienware, MSI and Asus (new GPUs are marked with “ten” — GTX 1060 GTX 1070).

Myth: older laptops definitely cheaper after the update line

No, the release of a new model in the line does not necessarily mean that the previous laptops you can buy cheaper. But such practice exists. Microsoft, for example, cut the price of Surface Pro 3 by $ 100 after the announcement of the Surface Pro 4.

At good price buy

Compare prices, use the calendar changes of the price comparison sites themselves or follow the prices for the desired model. Is unlikely to fall off, more than $ 100-150, but it is a good deal.

If you think to wait for the new laptop or not:

  • Apple has updated its MacBook Pro line in September, other major innovations in the near future;
  • CPU to Windows-based laptops will upgrade until next fall, but a new laptop on Windows rarely stay in the top most productive longer than six months.
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If the sale season is not yet on the discounts or did not choose, wait for February, then the new items shown in the fall, will reach our market. Well, let’s start the new announcements.

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