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When can we expect a revolutionary new iPad?

Every time at the next quarterly conference Apple it comes to the dynamics of disappointing iPad sales, the company starts looking for reasons to be optimistic in such amorphous factors as the degree of customer satisfaction with the purchase, which in the case of the iPad Pro reaches the “amazing 99%”. CEO Tim cook added that he does not lose optimism about the prospects of the iPad in the tablet market it makes and the consistently high number of consumers who buy Apple’s tablet for the first time. According to him, available statistics do not allow us to believe that the tablet market is close to saturation state.

Moreover, Tim cook has decided to whet the expectations of the public, saying that “outside the 90-day interval,” the company has plans “exciting updates for the iPad.” According to the insiders, Apple is preparing a radical new model of the iPad from 10.5-inch display with narrow, almost invisible frames on the sides. The device will be based on the processor Apple A10X production TSMC

Apple CEO is full of enthusiasm in the issues of further development of the line iPad. However, the current quarter is unlikely to bring reasons for optimism in relation to tablets, but this does not prevent cookie with the hope to watch in the more distant future.

By the way, he does not believe in the exhaustion of the supply of innovation in the smartphone market. Cook is convinced that “everything is just beginning”, and smartphones are at the initial stage of evolution. Integration into the system of “smart house”, health services, automotive electronics, the increasing use of smartphones in the corporate sector – all of this allows Apple to assume that iPhone will continue to evolve.

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Apple has a few interesting ideas in this area, and this is the activity where the slogan “think differently” really works, I’m sure Tim cook.

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