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When Apple will release a new beta of iOS 11

If you have already managed to install and test iOS 11 beta, most likely you are wondering when will the next preview. Usually specific dates does not mention Apple, but the company has established the schedule of release of test builds, which she tries to follow. In addition, the company has already announced, when will a public beta of iOS 11.

Typically, the first version of the new edition of iOS for developers comes out on Monday, immediately after the WWDC presentation. The second beta will debut on Tuesday, after 15 days. So it was with iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9, but iOS 10 beta 2 was released 22 days after the first preview.

If you stick to the 15-day graphics, the new iOS was supposed to come out yesterday, but that did not happen. Of course, Apple may release an update at any time, but most likely, it will happen from 27 June through 22 days after the release of iOS beta 1 11.

As for macOS, watchOS and tvOS, the new version is almost always released simultaneously with iOS.

The release date of iOS 11 beta 2 I can tell the time in public testing. At WWDC Apple representatives said that a public beta for everyone will be available later in June, the same thing he said on the official website of the company. By the way, the first time the test program includes an operating system tvOS.

Usually Apple introduces beta version for everyone after a few builds for developers. Developers pay $99 a year, so first get access to the latest iOS. Perhaps for this reason the company decided to move to a 22-day schedule for the release builds.

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Typically, Apple waits a few days after the release previews to developers before releasing a public version for everyone. So iOS 11 beta 2 can be expected next Tuesday, and 11 iOS public beta on Thursday.

The good news is that after the beta 2 next version is released every 15 days, and only toward the end of the development cycle, the updates may not arrive on schedule.

The final release of iOS 11 is scheduled for autumn. The new version of mobile OS will debut in September along with the iPhone jubilee.

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