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WhatsApp will soon have video calls [screenshots]

There is a high probability that in the near future WhatsApp will get a new feature that allows you to make calls using video. This is evidenced by screenshots of the chat interface made in the test version of the messenger.

WhatsApp users waited a long time for the developers implement the promised function of voice calls. Much time has passed since the first rumors about video calling applications. Today, the Network got screenshots that illustrate the interface of this function. If you believe the author of the publication, the first video calling via WhatsApp will be able to make iOS users to Android will come to later.

To “spy” pictures of the test version corresponding to a minimalist interface WhatsApp, you can see the video chat screen with standard buttons to accept and to defer the call. Directly on the conversation screen available button to complete the video call, change the camera, turn off the microphone.

The main tool in the development of WhatsApp and its new level is Facebook. The social network last year itself introduces the possibility to send the video stream via Facebook Messenger, it means that she has her own working infrastructure of streaming servers that can use WhatsApp.

According to insiders video calls in WhatsApp may appear in the near future, but access to them will be the only users of the beta version of the client. To receive an invitation to participate in an open testing will be available only from the current participants. Upon completion of the test the reliability of all the new features the company will make them available to all users. In the same way messenger was launched function of audio calls.

WhatsApp is one of the main competitors to Skype, and with the advent of video calls, this service will strengthen its position in the market of instant messengers.

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