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WhatsApp will be a function of location tracking and editing of sent messages

Soon the WhatsApp messenger will get the function of a lively exchange of location information. This is evidenced by the leakage of information from insiders of the company. The proposed feature will allow you to pass the source coordinates to a specific location, which is the author.

According to an insider, WhatsApp will maintain an active exchange of location data. This feature was included in the list of changes to the test app build. This possibility will be the owners of devices on iOS and Android. It concerns versions and 2.16.399 respectively.

By default, the function will be disabled, but the user will be able to activate it if desired. Enable on 1, 2, 5 minutes or indefinitely (until turned off). This is useful because the user can learn, for example, how far are the band from the place where we agreed to meet. Each of the group members can prevent others to follow its location is also configured in the messenger.

WhatsApp is the most popular in the world messenger, it is not surprising that the feedback on this innovation has been extremely rapid. Some said that long waiting for something like this, because now meeting friends and business partners will become easier to plan. Others doubt whether this is the addition, under pressure from the security services. Representatives of WhatsApp refrained from commenting on the introduction.

Another new feature in WhatsApp for the possibility of review and editing of already sent messages. Both functions will be applied to messages that the recipient has not yet read. Edit allows you to change the text of the sent message; the recipient will see the updated version and will not be able to see the history of changes.

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Another innovation of the application is that of preventing the discharge of a smartphone. If during a call the battery is discharged too much, the messenger will send a notification.

About the timing of the introduction of new features in WhatsApp, sources are not reported.

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