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WhatsApp Web in the browser earned a Microsoft Edge

WhatsApp expanded the capabilities of the desktop version of its eponymous client. Now the technology is employed in the form of extensions, in addition to Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera earned the new browser from Microsoft. In order to communicate with friends via WhatsApp Web you can use Internet Explorer or Edge.

To log in to the web version of WhatsApp need to scan a QR code on the page through the mobile app WhatsApp, so you can do fully without a smartphone will not work. The developers explain this by the need the confirmation number.

Interestingly, the web version uses a mobile device not only to confirm the room. The web version specifies the battery level on the smartphone, and if battery went flat, browser-based version becomes unavailable, what the user advance warning. While messages and contacts on your computer are synchronized in real time with the app on your mobile device.

“Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser reflects the discussion and messages from your mobile device. This means that all your messages are still on the phone”, — explained in WhatsApp.

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