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WhatsApp is preparing its own mobile payment service

WhatsApp will launch its own money transfer service, reports The Verge, citing sources close to the company.

WhatsApp is most popular messenger which audience exceeds 1 billion people. In 2014, as you know, the social network Facebook bought the app for an impressive $19 billion.

And now on the WhatsApp website has information on job openings related to digital transactions. Mention of the banking sector has led to the fact that the sources have concluded that WhatsApp is preparing to launch its mobile-payment service.

It is assumed that the messenger is looking for ways to monetize their audience. After Facebook bought the messenger, the app continued to rapidly gain popularity, and currently has about 1.2 billion users.

It is not known what the Commission are going to charge those wishing to make a money transfer in WhatsApp. It is expected that the service will operate on the basis of the interbank payment system UPI.

First, the new option will be available only in India. Thus, representatives of WhatsApp “I want to make a major contribution to the development of digital Commerce in India.”

Representatives of WhatsApp have refused to comment on plans to launch its own payment service.

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