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WhatsApp is preparing a client update: 50 new features of messenger

WhatsApp is preparing a major update of messenger for users of Apple smartphones. According to information from informed sources, the version of the application under index 2.12.14 will be one of the most important releases of the mobile client. The developers took into account the wishes of service users and implemented some missing functionality.

Development update for WhatsApp is more than a month. At the moment we know about 50 the features of the new edition of messenger for iPhone.

  • Updated the chat interface.
  • Improved design of the section “Recent” for iOS 6.
  • Replace “GarbageClose” and “GarbageOpen” on new frameworks.
  • Added the Security section (off).
  • Added support for new audio codecs.
  • Unlocked the “References” section to view the links shared by the interlocutors.
  • The ability to add multimedia content to your favorites.
  • Added “media-slides” when browsing media files.
  • Added new plain Wallpaper.
  • Added encryption end-to-end chat (disabled).
  • Added encryption end-to-end for calls (disabled).
  • Added a numeric password from 6 digits to verify end-to-end encryption.
  • Added feature that allows you to determine that videos are not stored in iCloud backup (disabled).
  • Improved support for iCloud.
  • The ability to send documents through the standard sharing function (disabled).
  • Added built-in viewer for documents of doc, pdf, xls, pptx, txt and other (disabled).
  • Added encryption end-to-end for groups (disabled).
  • Extended support is the identification of prefixes in the code.
  • The correction of errors.
  • Updated UDID for beta testers.
  • Added a section to organize documents in the application (disabled).
  • Support function to repair damaged documents.
  • The ability to import documents from third-party cloud services like Dropbox to send them via WhatsApp (disabled).
  • Added new shortcuts for the 3D Touch (only in beta).
  • Improved notification support in the app.
  • To view the status for each chat.
  • For autorun documents (disabled).
  • Now the maximum document size is 64 MB, in the future, the limit could be raised.
  • The ability to send several documents at the same time (disabled).
  • The ability to delete uploaded documents, if the user does not support them (disabled).
  • Improved support for WhatsApp contacts.
  • Improvements for VoiceOver.
  • New viewer “TermsIllustration”.
  • Improved import files from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. (disabled).
  • Added a warning if the user tries to access a website without Internet connection.
  • Improved links section.
  • Added guidance on how to share media files (disabled).
  • Added built-in web browser for viewing links in WhatsApp (currently disabled, but should be active in the official version 2.12.14).
  • The ability to add the document to favorites (disabled).
  • Ability to remove from favorites.
  • Deletes all information associated with payments (from this week WhatsApp is completely free).
  • Removed all functions related to WhatsApp annual fee.
  • Added the ability to use WhatsApp data in Facebook.
  • Updated start screen WhatsApp.
  • The ability to export chat history in ZIP format.
  • Appeared the ability to automatically archive files for forwarding to other users.
  • Now WhatsApp will not download files larger than 32 MB on the cellular network.
  • The ability to export documents, received via WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA, etc.
  • This version supports WhatsApp all apps to work with files that have a native feature for iOS 8 and newer versions.
  • The function “Import” to upload files to WhatsApp from other applications.
  • Improved localization.
  • Improve the function of exporting chat rooms.
  • Improvements for section background images.
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Not all of these features can we expect in the next version of WhatsApp. The creators of messenger plan to roll out new features gradually. In any case, the next release of messenger (02.12.14) will be one of the most important, the main feature will be integration with other apps on iOS.

Recall that this week WhatsApp was completely free: the cancellation of the annual subscription fee of 99 cents appeared in the corporate blog of the company. Still messenger was free for customers in the first year of use, a fee the company is charged starting from the second year and each subsequent. The messenger stopped to claim compensation from 18 January, but all mention of a subscription will only disappear in the next update.

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