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WhatsApp has become free for all users

Popular mobile messenger WhatsApp is now completely free. This was stated by the company’s founder Jan koum on the conference DLD in Munich.

Until now, users could make free use of WhatsApp over a year, after that the company asked them to pay $0.99 for subscription for the following year. “It worked very well. We don’t want people there was a feeling that one day they will not be able to communicate with the rest of the world,” said Kum.

The founder of WhatsApp said that some users have no payment card with which you can pay for the service. In total, according to the company, the application is used by approximately 1 billion people.

WhatsApp will cease to demand payment on 18 January, but on the removal of references to the subscription from all customers will need some time. The majority of those who use the service for a long time, for it did not pay, but for some time charge of 99 cents per year – began to charge new users. However, as stated, the app will not show ads.

Now, the WhatsApp developers will focus on creating services for the business. “This year we will start testing the tools that will allow you to use messenger to communicate with companies and organisations, information from which you want to be,” explained the company. In the example cited receiving information about banking transactions or delays of flights.

The first version of WhatsApp was released in 2009. In 2013, the service switched to a paid subscription model, and then for the people of India had made an exception in the country, the messenger was free. Since 2014 the company is owned by the social network Facebook.

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