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WhatsApp discovered a vulnerability that allows to intercept users ‘ messages

Researchers from the University of Berkeley have discovered a vulnerability in WhatsApp messenger, which allows you to read the correspondence of users. About it writes on Friday, The Guardian.

The encryption system end-to-end was implemented in WhatsApp this way to leave a loophole through which a Facebook user that owns the messenger, would be able if necessary to intercept the communications of users. For this WhatsApp independently re-generates the encryption keys, then the system perelitsovyvat and sends back messages that have not been marked as “delivered”.

The recipient does not know about the shift key, and the sender can detect the problem in case if in your account settings enabled notifications about suspicious activity with the encryption keys. An alert about the problem he will get only once the message will be yet and re-sent to the recipient.

According to experts, to regenerate the encryption keys and sending messages allow WhatsApp to intercept and read messages.

Facebook was notified about this vulnerability back in 2016, but has not taken any action as they called it, “natural behavior” of the messenger. The researchers argue that a security gap exists in the application so far.

Today Lenta edition reported that Chechen security officials found militants using WhatsApp. On the trail of the extremists and killed in Chechnya on Wednesday, January 11, managed to get through the opening of their correspondence in the building.

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