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WhatsApp and Viber on the passport

Roskomnadzor does not sleep again and offers to introduce amendments to the Laws “On information”, “On communications” and the Code of administrative offences that will relate to ban the sale of anonymous SIM cards.

Known and the channels through which the gray SIM cards go on sale. In December last year, the press Secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy noted that in most cases, gray SIM cards are distributed through the signing of contracts for the provision of communication services with bogus legal entities, short-lived companies and similar structures. Further, a SIM card, which would be distributed between the employees of firms, appear instead in the illegal trade.

Today natural person theoretically can not afford to buy a SIM card without a passport, but the new amendment will relate to corporate subscribers and tariffs, which are legal entities. Today, for each individual owned by an entity the SIM card is not registered no information about her specific owner, only about the company.

In order to remove these subscribers ‘ anonymity, it is proposed to make the data of the owner of the SIM card via the website services or through a personal account of the operator. Otherwise will be fined up to 50 thousand for officials of Telecom operators and to 300 thousand rubles for legal entities. If corporate clients do not provide data, they also will be fined – with the UI will take up to 50 thousand, legal entities – up to 70 thousand rubles.

In addition to this, the new amendments will force the owners of the messengers to register in Roskomnadzor. And as a consequence – to meet the requirements for identification of their users, to prevent spam, to ensure the confidentiality of communications and to make the distribution on the initiative of the Executive. If the messenger is unable to meet these requirements, it may be blocked in Russia.

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