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What’s new in iOS 11? Browse 100 features and changes [video]

On Monday at WWDC Apple unveiled the long-awaited new version of OS for iPhone and iPad. Unlike its predecessor, iOS 11 should be seen as iPhone with the letter “S” is not something totally new and improved version of the old. Although iOS 11 a lot of really interesting innovations.

What will please iOS 11? First of all, Apple has improved the situation on the gadget with the minimum amount of flash memory, by implementing technology to optimize space. The completely renovated control: now all the chapters available in one screen, support 3D Touch to bring up the extended menu and the ability to add new switches.

With iMessage in iOS 11 are stored in the cloud and the photos and videos will take up less memory thanks to new compression algorithms without loss of quality. Almost imperceptible changes have been made to the day and the notification bar.

Completely revamped the App store: added separate tabs with apps, games, changed the description page, there is a separate collection. One of the most interesting pieces of iOS 11 — new mode “do Not disturb driving”, which does not allow to be distracted from the road. Have the opportunity to send money how to use iMessage and Apple Pay.

Blogger Jeff Benjamin produced a 30-minute video of the 100 innovations in iOS 11. Among the features to which he drew attention: a new Doc on the iPad with 15 applications, updated control, scan documents, new animations, Drag’n’drop on the iPad, typing on the keyboard with one hand, and many others.

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