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What’s new in beta 2 Siri Shortcuts

Apple released the second beta of app Shortcuts, adding several new features.

First, you can create processes that are running in the background. That is, if earlier, when sending a message using Shortcuts to always open the program interface, now this is not happening. The message just goes to the specified destination without further notification.

Secondly, the opportunity to open in Safari from multiple web sites. Now users with several resources, can open an unlimited number of links with one click, creating a corresponding action in the Shortcuts.

Also added support for HomeKit. Now, in the process, created Shortcuts, you can add actions associated with a variety of smart home electronics. The various functions of the smart home already, you can combine circuit in the application “Home”, but they cannot be combined with other applications. Now you can one click to start the coffee machine, to include a morning playlist and open a few websites with the latest news. And such variations can be endless.

Shortcuts is a program to create chains of actions, United in a single process or automate some tasks.

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