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What’s in my iPhone player for podcasts Pocket Casts

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal a lot to users.

I often listen to podcasts on iPhone. Standard application I don’t like, so I had to find an alternative customer, and I found it.

I’d like to tell you why I do not like standard application. The main claim — delay notifications. Still don’t understand why Apple so much hate notifications that arrive on time. It is very frustrating when the app announces the release of a new episode a few hours after release. Maybe I would have had the opportunity to listen to him, but due to the fact that Apple hates the notifications, I had to get upset and put off listening to podcasts.

Apple popularized the podcast, but did nothing to improve their play. The maximum that can be done is to change the playback speed and set the timer. The last claim is rubbish. In the standard application, all elements are drawn very largely, because of this we have to take more touches when working with it.

Pocket Casts is the best alternative

Despite the simplicity of the app, it has lots of functions. To list all makes no sense, so I’ll tell about the most interesting.

As I said, I don’t like the principle of the notifications in the standard app, so tell how it is implemented in Pocket Casts. In the app settings you can activate notifications for the release of a new issue for all podcasts or only specific. In addition, you can set notifications on the app icon. I disabled this option, but you can adjust the filter depending on the number of new episodes, unheard or played.

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In Pocket Casts has a setting that changes the number of seconds on the buttons rewind. The maximum value is 500 seconds or 8 minutes. But perhaps the coolest option is the automatic removal of silence while listening to the podcast. It works only when the release stored on the device. When streaming, alas, will not work. While listening to the episode, the app analyzes the track and cuts the silence. This option is useful, for example, when leaders make long pauses between words. The application does not accelerate the playback, and the only cuts needed. When listening hard to see how this function works. The surprise comes when you see the number of minutes that were cut.

During playback, you can activate the Volume Boost setting. It increases the volume of the podcast due to noise removal. But it is needed if leading bad microphones. Otherwise the sense from it a little.

To the interface I have no complaints. Separately want to mention the minimalistic design. In the settings you can choose the theme and the app icon.

And some more nice stuff in Pocket Casts:

  • Working sonoty.
  • Statistics listen to podcasts.
  • Top charts in other countries.

Pocket Casts on the App Store costs 299 rubles. The only disadvantage to use the web version of Pocket Casts, have to pay nine dollars. Applications for macOS and Windows are in the beta stage, but when they will be available to all, most likely, too will not be free.

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