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What’s in my iPhone password Manager 1Password

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal a lot to users.
App for storing passwords should have several qualities. It must be protected, because the application is trusted by important and secret information. Speed and convenience are also important parameters, and simple design, functionality and cross-platform. All these qualities combines 1Password.

I’ve tried dozens of different programs for storing passwords. All they do not like me for various reasons. Basically, claims can be grouped into three categories: bad timing, awkward interface and limited functionality. After I watched almost all the competitors available in the Russian App Store, the decision was made to leave 1Password.

This password Manager uses a special triple data encryption method. The developers guarantee that no one can intercept the data, but most passwords are stored locally on the smartphone.

An important parameter is the convenience. With this in 1Password’s all right. The app interface is not overloaded. To add a new password it is necessary to make two touch and to see saved four touch. While in 1Password, you can store not only sites passwords and credit card numbers, but also notes and documents. To do this, 1Password will allocate 1 GB of cloud storage.

I use long complex passwords that have letters of different sizes, numbers, and symbols. To make up and memorize them is not very desirable, so I trust it a built-in password generator.

Have 1Password has a web version, and clients for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. There are extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. They can be used to automatically fill and save login information on sites.

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Have 1Password has a free version and a subscription. The free version has no ads, notes and cloud storage, and the app can only be used on a smartphone. To connect to a program on the computer, and additional features will have to subscribe, which costs $ 3 per month.

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