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What’s in my iPhone — app for learning English Read & Learn

English is the international language and in order to feel comfortable, you need to study it. As it is absorption, there is a need for new words to memorize unfamiliar vocabulary perfect reading.

But to start reading books in English is quite difficult obscure expressions, a huge number, and permanently to climb in the dictionary behind every just unbearable. It is much easier to translate in the application – this will help Read & Learn.

In fact, Read & Learn the most common software for reading support ePub format, but with a bias in the study of foreign languages. Everything works very simple: in an incomprehensible word can be clicked on and then immediately POPs up the translation. It turns out that the user does not waste time.


The app also helps to learn new vocabulary. Unclear expressions can be added to favorites and then to learn through play. In the reader there are a lot of settings, so everyone can choose for themselves a comfortable font, color theme, and much more.


Interface Read & Learn simple and not overloaded: there is only one window with an open book. To change works, go to favorites or settings you need to swipe from the bottom up. There will also be a button to switch chapters.

Unfortunately, the app – it’s available in the Apple store for $ 4.99 US. But the developer often makes events so sometimes Read & Learn is sold at a discount or for free. The App Store has similar apps, but this is one of the most convenient.

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