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What’s in my iPhone — advanced somatocyst Drafts 5

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal to users.

iPhone, in addition to all the features, and the most brilliant in the world of typewriter. Yes, set on a conventional keyboard is still faster and neater. But smartphone gives you the freedom. Texts no longer have to be sitting in front of a computer or holding a laptop on your lap. They are available everywhere.

However, if we restrict ourselves to such a common expression, it will not move far. iPhone — first app. For the best text editor on iOS are fighting a lot of opponents. Today we tell about one of the favorites of this race, somatocyst Drafts 5 (download in App Store).

Drafts talks about his goal — even in the title. This is a program for taking notes. The catch is that this is both the easiest and the most difficult , zapisnik for iOS. How did this happen? Drafts is the starting point for the text. He acts as a link between other applications and your thoughts. And at the same time, they can be used separately.

When you first start the program meets user white screen and keyboard. Everything you need to quickly capture thoughts — ready, and the additions can not be distracted.

This is a basic, standard part of Drafts. It’s easy to create notes and quickly find a use for them. After recording, simply click on the logo Drafts in the top left corner and open the tools section of the “Basic”. It allows you to manage the text: copy, share, tweet, send to Evernote or Google Drive and so on. Options can be edited and reordered.

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Such a process (“write” — “sent to another service”) best describes the idea of Drafts. This is the place where the text begins — but to continue creating it in another environment.

Power Drafts in maximum customization. For starters, you can customize to fit your needs functional row above the keyboard. A few presets offers offer new can be done independently. For example, there is the basic option which includes easy navigation by text, quick access to the audio recording, assigning tasks and sending messages.

My favorite preset is called Markdown and it optimizes the keyboard to work with this markup: symbols appear to highlight titles, insert lists, quotations and references. Why is it convenient? Because getting a rough, the text in the right formatting, I can one-click create an eponymous document in the editor Ulysses and continue working. By the way, syntax is highlighted for a few more languages: TaskPaper, JavaScript, Simple List.

What you do in gametocyte I — of course, only one possible scenario. Repository of add-ons for Drafts is, for example, specialized set to interact with the book Things. Of the notes to do task lists, add them to finished her, attach notification. At first glance, this seems to be a crutch, but when you get used to write everything in Drafts, integration rescue. Rather clumsy, though ingenious in its simplicity, “Notes” — create processor for the processing of text.

The fact that in addition to the functional customization of the row above the keyboard, you can configure the panel for sharing. They may duplicate each other or differ — combinations and scenarios of use many.

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In General, Drafts program, which can change everything. From appearance to display on the screen of any symbol or icon. Customization on the level.

But there are organizational capabilities. To notes you can add tags, mark them with a flag or archive. Also available advanced search and set filters and function Workspaces: creating the conditions which will store the notes.

For example, a shell can be stored in alphabetical order notes with the word job, tag and ignore the tag “terms of reference”.

Still a few little things that make Drafts leader semitechnical:

  • The focus mode. By default, the program creates a new note after 60 seconds in the closed state. In focus mode you are always returned to the last record — this is useful for large texts.
  • Mode Arrange. You can drag and drop to rearrange blocks of text. For example, to randomly make a list of tasks to rearrange them in the correct order, and then to export to Things.
  • Nadinovka. iOS restricts the use of dictation — can be translated in the text no more than 45 seconds of speech. But in Drafts, thanks to some tricks, I managed to get around the restriction. Dictate endlessly. If prilovchitsya to speak punctuation marks and do not suffer from problems with articulation, you can create drafts of texts, all without touching the screen or keyboard. It is convenient.
  • A killer app for Apple Watch. Have Drafts full-featured client for hours. With it you can create notes (of the same dictation), to attach to them tags, archive or delete. You can even read notes every day, I appreciate the students who need somewhere to write it off.
  • Speed. Usually this quality is not carried separately, but in the case of Drafts, smooth and prompt execution of tasks is impressive. The application (for example, on my iPhone 7 Plus) never hangs — and even scrolling the long texts does not cause braking.
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    The downsides of the program a bit. Home — the lack of a port on macOS. This is a program of post-PC world, which employs the link between the iPhone and the iPad Pro. The second drawback Drafts — subscription. It costs $ 1.99 per month or 19.99 per year. The problem I think, only because people fear the regular payments. In fact, the developers have done such work, an equitable financial reward is not questioned. In addition, the free plan is very generous. In the Pro version appear:

    • the ability to create and edit actions — built customization program
    • access topics
    • function Workspaces
    • widget and access Drafts from the panel sharing
    • improved access URL schemes for automation

    Create, edit and enjoy all the basic features without charge. That would be even better — getting used with standard functions, it will be easier to choose for themselves whether to subscribe.

    Drafts is one of the few applications to learn which can be months. Especially if you decide to make an iPhone or even better iPad Pro to its main typewriter. Believe me, it is not so difficult.

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