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What you want to see in the new iPhone 7?

According to the latest insiders, the presentation of a new generation generation of Apple’s smartphone will be held on September 14. It is expected that iPhone 7 will have better camera, the second speaker instead of the audio Jack and an updated design plastic inserts. But what are the features of new smartphones to force users to purchase the device or update the current generation iPhone?

Japanese newspaper Nikkei has already warned: Apple goes for a three-year cycle, so you should be prepared for the fact that apparently the iPhone 7 will be almost no different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But even while maintaining the old design, Apple has all the chances to release a smartphone is a bestseller. It is only necessary to abandon the model of 16 gigabytes, add the option for 256 gigabytes of memory, to increase to 3 GB RAM. Parting with a 3.5 mm Jack – a bold move, but then in complete, it is desirable to have a Bluetooth headset or headphones with Lightning.

Of course, the iPhone 7 will find its buyers. But will the new model thus the perfect smartphone?

The following is a list of how Apple could improve the new iPhone:

  • Protection of the hull against the water standard IP8 (better than the Apple Watch).
  • New “deep blue” or the color pink.
  • A new shade of Black Space.
  • Connector Smart Connector for connection of accessories.
  • The flagship 4-inch model in the new design.
  • The second wide-angle camera.
  • A second camera for better shooting in the dark.
  • Retina display Color color space DCI-P3.
  • Dynamic calibration of the color temperature of the screen is True Tone.
  • Display 2K/4K for VR.
  • More capacious battery.
  • Hidden antenna insert.
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And have you already decided what you want from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Maybe it’s a better camera? New color solutions or technologies that use competitors? Should Apple increase the resolution to 2560 x 1440 pixels? If you have decided to make a list of the required functions of the product would have included?

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