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What you want to see in the new iPhone 6s?

Have you already decided what you want from the new iPhone 6s? If you decided to make a list of the required functions of the new items, what would it include?

If Apple will stick to the same practice, but this year will happen “s-update”: last year’s smartphones will get new features and enhanced hardware. This usually means:

  • improved camera;
  • a faster processor;
  • more capacious battery.

Sometimes you have to add the following:

  • increased RAM;
  • the increased volume of permanent memory;
  • new color schemes.

Apple is also beginning to use new technologies in their other product lines, and now they can appear in the iPhone. So, from the Apple Watch and new MacBook “Apple” smartphones can get:

  • sensitive to velocity Force Touch display;
  • tactile feedback Tatptic Engine.

There are several technologies which Apple is actively working, but their implementation will require a more serious redesign than it can afford “s-update”: enables the design of a wireless charging gadgets, adding one more smartphone models in the lineup and so forth. Among these functions are:

  • wireless charging;
  • the OLED display;
  • USB connector-C;
  • waterproof housing;
  • A 4-inch smartphone model.

There are still some desirable feature we have:

  • optical intelligence PrimeSense;
  • multi-aperture camera LinX.
  • the liquid metal;

But what do you expect from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus you? Maybe it’s a better camera? Should Apple increase the resolution or add 4K shooting? New color schemes? Maybe the technology used by the competitors?

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