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What you need to succeed 4-inch iPhone SE

Before the first presentation of Apple this year, less than a week. It is assumed that the main novelty at the event on March 21 will be the new 4-inch iPhone SE. The exact characteristics and appearance of the novelties are still secret, but based on existing rumors, we can assume, what features will bring the popularity of the device.

For a start it is worth not ing that the iPhone SE definitely will not be a reduced copy of the iPhone 7, and will be addressed to users that are not satisfied with the size of iPhone screens 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

By the way, in terms of ease of use with one hand Apple device loses the same Samsung devices. Cupertino until you are able to achieve the desired ratio of the dimensions of the hull and the diagonal of the screen, like the smartphones of the South Korean brand. The main issue is the framework around the screen. 5.5-inch iPhone to reach your thumb to the left border to do a swipe right is a real test.

For 4-inch iPhone SE one hand is no problem. But reducing the screen size will not be enough to ensure that the model became successful. We offer you a list of opportunities that required a new 4-inch iPhone to gain popularity in the market.

Live Photos

Live Photos must be present in the list of functions the new iPhone. The ability to create so-called “live” photo appreciated by many owners of the flagship models. The point is simple: with a picture in JPEG format recorded video in MOV format, exciting events for half a second before photo and up to one and a half seconds after. When you click on a photo the user receives an “atmospheric” movie, as if sprouting out of the picture. Look at photos Live Photos as time passes.

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12-megapixel camera

IPhone 6s Plus to take pictures to the best camera among all the model range iPhone. For many, the camera quality is one of the main criteria when choosing a model, so that for such users with the transition to huge phablets more user-friendly and compact iPhone SE will be acceptable only if the camera will match the characteristics and capabilities of the flagship models.

Apple Pay

The owners of 4-inch iPhone 5/5c/5s can use the payment service Apple Pay, but if you have paired with a device, Apple Watch. Separately service not available for models due to the lack of NFC module. Most likely, it will appear in a new 4-inch iPhone.

– Core A9

In real tests it is difficult to identify the benefits of the chip A9 over the A8, but the transition to a more modern CPU looks more attractive if only because such a device will be supported longer than Apple and will work with most of the features future versions of iOS.

Visual differences

It is believed that iPhone SE will be outwardly similar to the iPhone 5s. The difference will be a curved edge, as on the current flagship models. Will be very pleased to see the markings “SE”, as that there are the flagship models with the letter “S”.

3D Touch

Users of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus actively use the 3D Touch gestures for fast interaction with applications. But this is the basic technology, “selling” the flagship smartphone Apple, which will be the flagship until September of this year. Therefore, the appearance of the touch sensitivity of the screen in iPhone is extremely unlikely SE. Some, however, believe that the lack of 3D Touch will not be a disaster for potential buyers of new items.

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With iCloud and Apple Music users can greatly save on the device memory size. But even with the cloud volume in 16 GB will be very small. Of course, much depends on the cost of the device. If the price for models with 16 and 64 GB will be $450 and $500, then SE iPhone can easily replace the iPhone 5s and will look attractive to buy against the “big” iPhone. Importantly, the model with 16 GB of memory not only offer the new 4-inch models.

Four colors

I wonder which of the colors “gray space” we will see in the iPhone SE? If you look closely, the same color housings iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, MacBook and iPod is markedly different. In any case, I would like to get a full choice of four available colors: gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

Recall that the presentation of Apple will be held March 21, 2016 at 20:00 Moscow time. On the official website of the event will be streamed live.

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