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What would you like to see in next-gen Apple TV?

Despite expectations, Apple TV Apple next generation was presented in June at the worldwide developers conference WWDC 2015. According to the latest rumors, her debut will take place in September along with the announcement of new iPhone models. We have compiled a list of features that are expected in a new television receiver Apple.

Device for playing streaming video from Apple lasted for three years without updating, while Internet TV grew up and became more accessible. In this period of time in Apple’s history there were many bright events and activities, but none of them was not given time for a serious debate on the future of Apple TV. However, the agenda of September special must be different from the usual course of events.

Recently in the press there were many reports that this year, the consumer electronics giant releases a new console, which will appear on the market concurrently with the platform of Internet TV. In March, Apple has reduced the price to a commercially available model to work with streaming media from $99 to $69, which was perceived by many as a clear signal that the company releases their warehouses in anticipation of an early market entry of the fourth generation of the device.

In the history of the Apple TV had three upgrades. Set-top box, announced in 2007, was updated in September 2010, when it released the second generation gadget, and also in March 2012, when the release of the third model. Unlike the previous version, capable of outputting to an external screen 720p video, the device has to support the resolution up to 1080p. Apple TV 3G is the A5 processor, familiar from such gadgets like iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5G, which disabled one core.

In March 2013, Apple released the second modification of the Apple TV 3G. The model is based on a single-core Apple A5 processor, has 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB flash memory, adapters Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), 10/100 Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0.

What is expected in the fourth generation of Apple TV:

  • Upgraded processor A-series.
  • Support graphical framework Apple Metal.
  • Support 4K video.
  • Support for advanced dynamic range (HDR).
  • The App store with games and apps.
  • Voice control on the basis of Siri.
  • ISight camera for video calls.
  • Gesture control PrimeSense.
  • Remote control and game controller in one bottle.
  • Universal search.
  • New light interface.
  • TV service Apple.

Perhaps television service, of which there are so many rumours, will not be announced along with the Apple TV 4G. They say that the company was going to be a service running over the Internet, on 9 September, however, the process of obtaining broadcast licenses from the broadcasters CBS, Fox and NBC has been slower than expected. In addition, the company does not yet possess a sufficiently powerful computer network to ensure stable operation of the service within the United States.

Have you already decided what you want from a new Apple TV? If you decided to make a list of the required functions of the new items, what would it include?

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