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What would you change in the operating system, watch OS 3?

Introducing watchOS 3, Apple said that the new operating system Apple Watch look completely new product. Despite some pathos statements, this statement is not far from the truth: the first generation of any innovative product usually gives its creators a lot of space for powerful enhancements based on feedback from users.

Capital innovation watchOS 3 was to increase operating system performance and mobile applications. The most frequently used programs are now not only stored in the memory of a smart watch, but also can update the information in the background that can make them run almost instantly.

Quick access to relevant information contributes to the mechanism of switching between apps — Doc, the called side switch like switch between running apps iOS. Reply to a message is now possible with the help of handwriting. Another improvement of the user interface “control Center”: now, as in iOS, swipe from the bottom of the screen you can pull out the panel, which focused tools to control the operation of the device.

watchOS 3 as a whole is a very functional platform, but far from perfect: the developers have a place to develop their OS. The following is a list of how Apple could improve the operating system:

  • The always-on display.
  • Automatic determination of the activity.
  • The Notes Application.
  • The Podcasts App.
  • “Smart” widgets, which change depending on time, location or your actions.
  • New thematic ciferblat.
  • More digital dials.
  • Integration of Breathing and sleep patterns with circles activity.

And you wonder, what features would like to see watchOS? What would you include in a list of desired improvements?

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