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What would you change in the Notes app in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12?

“Notes” has always been the most popular app on iOS for recording ideas. A key innovation in the ninth edition of software platform and a big step forward in the productivity of steel updated “Notes”, which allows more convenient to work with digital records. However, this is only the first step Apple in the right direction.

We have to admit that before the possibility of “Notes” were very scarce, although many turn a blind eye and used them because of the sample’s natural state remains and sync with other iOS devices. With the release of iOS 9 in the application the ability to create sketches and take a photo on a camera device, without leaving the app. Here you can add important records from other programs and sync them across devices via iCloud. Appeared checklist to track important cases.

The “Notes” added to the lists – numbered, bulleted and control. They are all in the same menu formatting. Great innovation, opening additional usage scenarios for which previously had to resort to using third-party applications. This could include shopping lists, appointments and more.

With the increased amount of content, which can be applied to the notes, there is a need to search for embedded files, and Apple, of course, implemented. However, there is much to develop a branded app for taking notes. 10 in iOS and OS X 10.12 “Notes” should get new opportunities that will put before the majority of users the choice to continue to use third-party solutions, or move to native tools.

What changes in “Notes” would you like to see?

  • Sketches for OS X.
  • Notes for the Apple Watch.
  • Select a color for the sketches.
  • The text recognition feature.
  • Hidden/secure notes.
  • Annotations in notes (in Mail).
  • Integration with reminders.
  • General notes.
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Have you already decided which features would be available in “Notes” on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12? If you have decided to make a list of improvements that you’d been included?

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