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What would you change in the headphones AirPods?

Last week in the online Apple store started selling AirPods wireless headphones. The cost of new items in Russia is 12 990 rubles, and the package includes a special cover, which is a portable dock for the device, as well as Lightning cable.

The issue of wireless headphones Apple held under the slogan “magic Apple” and is accompanied by tirades of analysts, who claim that Tim cook has not broken his promise and has done humanity a great gift for Christmas. However, it was not so smooth: after the September announcement of the AirPods release innovative headset was postponed several times.

Anyway, AirPods went on sale and they can rightly be considered one of the most unusual devices for the last time. The gadget is not even the headphones, it’s more of a wearable product. Thanks to the processor Apple W1 they have much more features than the standard headset including Siri support.

To connect AirPods to the smartphone don’t need to press anything to switch, and perform other senseless acts. It is sufficient to unlock the iPhone and hold the phone open case. All headphones are now fully ready for use and will connect to all devices with an Apple ID automatically.

By themselves, the AirPods are very functional and convenient solution, but not perfect, Apple is where to develop the headset. The following is a list of how the company could improve in 2 AirPods.

  • Option in the color “black onyx”.
  • Version (PRODUCT) RED and the models in the style of the straps of the Apple Watch.
  • USB type-C instead of Lightning.
  • New gestures to switch tracks and adjust the volume.
  • Interchangeable inserts of different sizes.
  • Siri without connecting to the Internet.
  • A higher degree of isolation from external noise.
  • Support Apple TV.
  • The Function “Find AirPods”.
  • Price.
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And you wonder, what features would like to see in headphones AirPods? If I decided to compile a list of improvements that would have included?

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