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What would you change in iCloud?

iCloud provides a variety of Apple services, including contacts, reminders, calendar, mail, notes and others. All photos, videos, documents, music, apps and other user content stored in the cloud and synced on all devices.

Many things are available for free, however, if the user stores a large amount of data in iCloud, the free 5GB may not be enough. Apple offers six different subscription options to the service:

  • 5 GB – free
  • 50 GB – 59 EUR per month
  • 200 GB – 149 rubles per month
  • 1 TB – 599 rubles a month
  • 2 TB – 1490 rubles a month

Memory in iCloud and shared among all devices connected to one Apple ID. It can be iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Windows computers. The service can store any files and backup devices. After increasing the storage capacity from the account will be deducted monthly to pay for it.

iCloud — not just store: service has deep integration with the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and also provides a Suite of web applications Numbers, Pages and Keynote on the website The repository is integrated with Mail application and helps to send large attachments are not supported free e-mail services. With it sync desktop and Documents folder in macOS Sierra.

iCloud is quite a versatile tool for users of iOS and macOS, but not perfect: Apple is where to develop its cloud storage. The following is a list of how the company could improve iCloud:

  • To increase free volume to 10 or 20 GB.
  • Free storage for all photos on the iPhone than Google.
  • Free backup on iPhone and iPad.
  • Improve iCloud Drive app.
  • Add buttons to “Sync” and “Re-sync”
  • iTunes for iCloud – play music, movies and TV shows through the browser
  • App Store for iCloud to purchase apps through the browser
  • ICloud account for different accounts on the iPad.
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What do you think, what’s missing from iCloud? If you decided to compile a list of improvements Apple, which would have included?

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