What would I give myself in September

What would I give myself in September

Do not be surprised at some strange things in the collection, I spent the whole September mastering PC gaming and for more effective development I had to stock up on the right accessories – a table, a mouse, a keyboard. There are already reviews about the KEF LSX and Sennheiser GSP 670, I don't need to give them to myself – the things are excellent, I highly recommend them.

Varmilo VA87M Vintage Days

I will not get tired of admiring the Geekboards.ru store, for our difficult time, a very valuable approach is a pleasant platform in the center of Moscow, all keyboards can be touched and tried, the consultant (a very nice girl) is better grounded than the buyer, normal prices. As a result, I chose Varmilo VA87M Vintage Days without a "calculator" on the side, and the only thing that pissed me off was the mini-USB and the short cable included, I want it longer. Design, key travel and sound, feel – everything is magical. At the beginning of operation, I advise all owners to go to the official website and see which buttons there cut down the backlight, turn on the usual buttons back. The price was around 13,000 rubles or something. I haven't received so many positive vibrations from a purchase for a long time.

Apple Watch Series 6

Pulse oximeter, new straps, new dials, but I was counting on the Apple Watch Pro – why doesn't Apple make an expensive version for athletes with a different case, a powerful battery, a special set of functions? I do not know. Apparently, the economy is not working out. Another reason to be upset: Apple Watch with LTE is not officially brought to us, sadness and melancholy. So my choice so far is the Apple Watch Series 6 Nike Edition in silver with a white strap. They cost 36,990 rubles, look great, help with daily workouts and with notifications. You can wear it with Gucci, and with family panties at home, and rubber boots for a walk in the forest. The buzz.

Iron harvest

I always adored RTS, spent pleasant weeks at C&C, tried to play a couple on PS4 Pro, but that's another story. I just needed a PC for Iron Harvest, the C&C remaster and all other similar stories – by the way, tell me what happened there in recent years. Everyone knows that the game is based on the paintings of the artist Yakub Ruzhalsky, during the time of passion for steam-punk there was even an idea to order a couple of prints for the office, but then I got distracted and remembered this only during the announcement of Iron Harvest. I didn't read the reviews, I started playing. Yes, maybe too simple. Yes, maybe even with the best graphics settings, everything that happens does not look ice. But I come home after work and sit down to play a single at least for half an hour – there is something attractive in the game. She is cozy. Build a base, drive soldiers and mechanisms back and forth, just top. If you love RTS – be sure to buy, go through and don't listen to critics.

Louis Vuitton Alpha Messenger

Inexpensive bag for 130,000 rubles for every day – can be worn on the stomach or on the back, all everyday belongings fit perfectly, trim and zippers are good, a belt made of fabric after a year of active use would be nice to dry clean. What else to add. According to my information, there are only a couple of these left in Moscow (exactly in a gray checkerboard), we must have time to capture them.

Mad Catz R.A.T. AIR

Yes, I also bought a top-end mouse for the PC – I specially drove it to 4Frag to touch the novelties and not novelties, I touched it, chose Mad Catz. I like the grip and buttons, the mat and wireless charging. Apparently, after some time I will write more – while in the proprietary application I just cut out the backlight so that it does not interfere. There are no problems with the connection, I played Modern Warfare, everything is fast and good.


The best computer desk in the world – believe me, I've seen different ones. The beauty of "Bekant" is in the electric lifting / lowering tabletop, this is the only way I managed to achieve real COMFORT and sit royally. I bought a completely white table, but in which case it is easy to choose a countertop of a different color – if you get bored or scratched. The price of the solution is 35,000 rubles, I like the cozy round legs, the absence of sharp corners, the minimalistic design and the mesh under the table top for the surge protector. In short, IKEA does not fail!

This is how it looks at my house with a NORMAL COMPUTER!

Apple Solo Loop

Top, simple, comfortable and cool silicone band for Apple Watch. It stretches, does not interfere with typing on a laptop – the only thing, by the evening the wrist may sweat a little, but everything is individual. It is inexpensive, about 3000 rubles, ideal for sports and everyday wear.

Stone Island x Persol

Great collaba! So far there are no particular details, the start of sales on September 29, metal and glass are visible, the design is high, I wonder what will happen to the price.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

I now have a first generation Herman Miller Aeron chair – great. But, we must move on, I want to bring it to the office, and stir myself up with Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, it is inexpensive, about 130,000 rubles. What's the catch? Logitech decided to make their own gaming furniture and partnered with the manufacturer of the best chairs in the world – in case you didn't know, it's Herman Miller, not obscure brands with flashy lettering. The Herman Miller x Logitech Alliance has given us one product so far, the Embody Gaming Chair. But what a! Special materials, top-end design, adjustment of everything possible, including the bend of the back! Cooling foam below – especially for those who read “What would I give myself” and EXPERIENCE! In short, the triumph of technology at the service of the player and the PC sitter. I will order, then I will tell you the details.

In October there will be many more wishes: new iPhones, a couple of new trendy TWS headphones and a bunch of other goodies. I wish you Siberian health and happiness!

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