What would I give myself in October

Probably, for the first time in the history of the rubric, there will be both free things and directly inexpensive ones – but, as always, everything is only top-notch and relevant in our traditional collection! Flew!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Since I have a PS4 Pro, I feel a slight confusion: apparently, the game will not be released in Russia on disks, it does not need to be found in the online store. To buy, you either need to change the region, or drag a disk from another country – and here I recall the good old days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Because of the No Russian mission, she was banned in Russia, so I had to ask a friend to bring the disk from Norway – there the game was in German, there were no subwoofers, nothing changed in the settings. Okay, somehow, with the dictionary, everything went well, but online could not stand it anymore. I went to the "Little Pink", bought the English version, it cost a thousand and a half more than ordinary games – an extra charge.

This year I also plan to get a disk: either someone from my acquaintances will bring it, or I'll buy it myself somewhere, I do not know where yet. Naturally, I propose to all fans to circle the red circle on October 25 and act accordingly.

What would I give myself in October

macOS Catalina

Update for free, we already wrote about the chips, this morning I installed the new OS on the MacBook Pro 2016, then on the iMac, rolled everything everywhere and now I’m trying it. Liked. On iMac, now to confirm some actions, you need to press the button on the watch twice – that is, you do not need to enter a password, cool. Or iPad as a second screen, also top. Or “Notes” with a preview – “Notes” generally got better. The note drawn on the iPad can be quickly transferred to the system and used to send it to someone. Another dark dynamic theme. You can also firmly fix two windows, such as Pages-document and browser, and work there! Well, you can tell me what chips you liked – for sure, after all, you set everything up and also bastard.

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What would I give myself in October

Nomad Active Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A top case from specially treated leather, I’ll write about it “Thing of the Day” about the week. It protects the smartphone from falls, the buttons are excellent, easy to use, luxuriously made, I am very pleased. It costs around 3000 rubles. I took black to myself at BigGeek, I have already managed to plummet the iPhone once – nothing happened. Of all the existing cases for Pro Max, this is one of the best!

What would I give myself in October

Snood Stone Island

Unclear weather: either the sun, then snow, then zero, then ten. But even if you left the house in a light jacket, such a snud will save you. He protects the throat, still a hat, then generally top! The model is called N06D5, it costs 222 euros (generally inexpensive). This is our wool, one hundred percent. There is lightning, it will not be especially needed – although if you have a complicated hairstyle, you can not pull the snood from above.

What would I give myself in October


In case you suddenly need a classic scarf – this is a great option. Wool, black, long, voluminous, cool! Two hundred euros to the whole conversation!

What would I give myself in October

Off-White Scarf

Well, or here you have another Off-White scarf, excellent, inexpensive (about 10,000 rubles), with a nice logo. He wound it up well and went in the heat where necessary!

What would I give myself in October

Apparently, I will give myself each of these beautiful scarves and I can even wear them all together.

Acoustics IKEA Symfonisk by Sonos

I want to get shy as soon as possible – we’ll write and shoot reviews, we’ll try! This, my friends, is a very strange symbiosis: the acoustics created by Sonos, in the format of a bedside lamp. The device can be part of a multi-room system, it should sound good, it looks nice! The price is about a hundred pounds, with us resellers set prices higher, well, officially in Russia this story has not yet been sold at all.

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What would I give myself in October

Samsung Galaxy Fold

I think if you are engaged in journalism related to technology, you can not help but buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is the best device in this form factor of the existing ones, it is one of the few concepts that have reached the series, it is an ideal smartphone tablet for some use cases. And I want to quickly run my hands into it. Of course, for me the gadget will not be the main one, but I’ll try and get it and play around.

What would I give myself in October

Nike Air Max 720 Ispa Trainers

And here are another very good sneakers – because how can you do without sneakers! I chose the top Nike model for this selection: tall, in dry weather you can walk to the minus, look great, you can buy in KM20. The price is 17,000 rubles. Called, find here the elements of other Nike models.

What would I give myself in October

That's all for now. Getting ready for the winter, doing everything as expected and stocking up vitamins for the cold months!

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