What would I give myself in February

In February, Valentine's Day, and Soviet Army Day, and spring is near, and joy, and happiness, and only positive vibrations. Below is a selection of inexpensive, pleasant things to maintain a good mood. Flew!

Louis Vuitton Phone Box

A great bag for the phone, rights, cash and keys – the ideal format, the closer the spring, the more relevant. Soon we will take off our jackets, there will be fewer pockets, where to put everything – in bags, of course! It is inexpensive, 110 000 rubles. By the way, it’s hard to find for sale, they are very quickly sold out, in a short time the accessory has become a cult.

Expeditionary UAZ

Reinforced bottom, winch, special orange color, 900 000 rubles. You can sit down and go to PIKNIK in the farthest village, and at the same time shoot a video, catch a fish, take a photo hunt and not worry about your car. Someone will say: “So buy yourself an LC Prado.” A good thought, but there are nine hundred thousand, and there are two to three times more expensive. In addition, the “loaf” can survive a nuclear war, the coronavirus, is repaired in any workshop and will go where it is necessary in any case. All this, of course, captivates.

Cote & Ciel Genil Backpack

Great new full-size model of the French brand; asymmetric shape, laptop compartment, side zipper allows you to quickly climb into the main compartment and get something. In Russia, it will cost about 20,000 rubles – lovers to carry bags and backpacks on one shoulder, pay attention.

Sneakers Stone Island

The new SI collection arrives and there are sneakers in the new collection! Bottom – rubber, top – textiles, soon we have spring, you can stock up now. Sneakers made with Diemme, this is an old partner of Stone Island, shoes are good, comfortable, tenacious. Sneakers cost three hundred euros, by today's standards, inexpensive.

Bag Heron Preston

I’d like to myself like that, but it’s too painful for a short strap – a tall person will be just below his chest, are you ready to suffer. On the other hand, many people choose “Style” for their recognizable style, right? As a gift – perfect.

Tumi carry-on suitcase

At Tumi, it is almost always like this: you buy a model at Duty Free at a discount, then you start searching on the official website and you don’t find it. In general, I presented myself with a suitcase, almost like in the photo below, just in front two small pockets. The Alpha 3 collection, model number 117153104, has been watched for a long time, there was a wild discount at Vienna Airport – so it costs six hundred-plus euros, it was given half as much. I bought it right there!

One minus: two wheels, you need some kind of habit to roll strictly behind you. The rest is just pluses. Unkillable material, strong base, excellent handle, a bunch of pockets, well-organized space inside, I am directly satisfied. If you wish, you can unzip and enlarge the suitcase – it is useful when you buy gifts in the “dute”. I’m thinking of writing a detailed review, because it’s a straightforward reference and modern suitcase in hand luggage.

Darksiders genesis

The game comes out in mid-February, already pre-ordered. Just watch the video! After work, a couple of hours to sit and drive the devils – perfect, priceless.

Gucci Socks

An ideal gift for February 23rd, it is optimal to wear Gucci socks with Gucci slippers at any time of the year. I like this print. They cost around 10,000 rubles (about eight at Farfetch, but here delivery and all that, are you ready to wait).

Baxter of california pacific cannabis

The creators were inspired by night walks on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, it’s still very cool to ride bicycles: the fragrance of homeless people in the perfume, of course, did not, but there is a touch of marijuana. On February 23, a top-end gift, especially since this fragrance is not for sale in our country. It is inexpensive, in the region of hundreds of dollars.

Leatherman Free T4

For a long time I wanted to update the KNIFE for travel and it’s better to find something difficult for the T4: a bunch of tools, excellent steel, a clip for carrying in your pocket. Thing! Yes, and is inexpensive, in the region of 6000 rubles.

Dyson lightcycle morph light

I really want to give myself such a gift to the office, everything is in order with the light at home, the trouble is direct in the office – it's dull for me. The advantages of this particular lamp – it works both as a lamp and as a lamp, in the application you can configure it to your liking. Here, watch the video:

Of course, the design of the thing is of great importance – in the spirit of all the other Dyson things, the feeling that the device was abandoned here from the future.

It is inexpensive, about 650 dollars. Our sales have not yet begun – as soon as they begin, I will do a review.

Element Case Black Ops Elite for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The pinnacle of evolution for all iPhone cases – aluminum, a folding stand, the ability to attach straps, can withstand drops from almost any height, a clip for attaching to a pocket or belt (like Leatherman above), in general, an incredible case. Like the Element Case Ronin at one time. The price is 250 dollars, in Russia it costs about 17,000 rubles.

And that’s all for now.

I wish you all happiness, Siberian health and a great, smooth February!

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