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What would happen if a defective Galaxy Note 5 Apple has released

The media often exaggerate the noise, when Apple makes mistakes. Even the most minor. At the same time, the problems with tableta Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not hit the front pages of the world media. This got us thinking: what would I write journalists, if defective Galaxy Note 5 Apple has released? MacDigger offers to dream about this.

Apple is in trouble. The company, which once revered for its revolutionary products, has made a design failure. If you are not yet aware, the recently released smartphone Galaxy Note 5 suffers from a critical design flaw, which demonstrates how bad things in Apple without Steve jobs.

Apple Galaxy Note 5 comes with stylus – accessory undoubtedly useful for certain tasks. The problem is that if it is wrong to insert the digital pen into the slot, it will be almost impossible to pull out without damaging the phone. Aggravates a situation that is impossible to understand whether you insert the stylus or not.

What has become of Apple? Manufacturer of premium solutions has released a product that can be disabled, allowing the most banal error.

Tim cook be able to solve financial issues, but he clearly lacks the skills to run Apple in the right direction from the point of view of product development. Of course, no one can not be surprised, given last year’s scandal with bendable iPhone 6. In addition, the failure of the Apple Watch shows that Apple, once an innovator and market leader, has lost its advantages. And now, on top of its defeat, the Apple company releases a phone that can be broken inadvertently in an instant.

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Apple is considered the guru of industrial design, and it makes the Galaxy Note 5 is even more blatant. Perhaps if Tim cook has not translated Jonathan Quince to actually control the position of Director of design, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Perhaps if Ive and his team were not too busy design smart watch that no one wears, or cars that will never see the light, they could advance to detect and correct this error. But it was the Apple: a lot of noise without adequate product quality.

Tim cook likes to say that Apple only focuses on the most important. “There are a thousand “no’s” for every “Yes”, – declare in the company. Now obviously, these are just empty words.

Just look at the product that Apple has created, and you will realize that the company strayed from the right course. She is going nowhere. We can say that Apple is slowly turning into Google with its endless initiatives that are harder and harder to track and control. Remember Apple Music, the problems with iCloud, Apple Watch, developing the “Apple” of the car and the television service subscription. And on top of this, the company continues to carry out annual updates of iOS and OS X. it is not Surprising that Apple has no energy left to create quality products.

The best days of Apple are behind. Galaxy Note 5 – the most obvious example in a long line of blunders that should excite fans of the brand and investors “Apple” of the company.

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With confidence we can say only one thing: the Galaxy Note 5 would never have been born if Steve jobs was alive.

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