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What would happen if 12 install iOS beta on iPhone 5S

Edition CNЕT decided to conduct an experiment to see how iOS 12 faster than the previous version of Apple’s operating system. The results impressed the journalists.

In iOS 12, you should see the many innovations: personalized Memoji, group FaceTime calls and ordered notice. However, the most striking change that may have already noted, users who installed the public beta, is the increase in performance.

This is especially evident on older devices. For example, the speed of the iPhone 5S makes you forget that the gadget is not the first year.

CNET notes that the installation of applications now takes 40% less time. The keyboard appears two times faster. A swipe to the left on the lock screen causes the camera app to 70% faster.

Checking mails will require 0.25 seconds less time. Launch Safari and full download of the page of the broadcaster occurs at 3.5 seconds faster. And Siri will answer for half a second before.

The comparison involved two iPhone 5S with 16 GB built-in storage. One of them was the final iOS installed 11.4, the second to the first public beta of iOS 12.

Journalists note that their study cannot be considered scientific. However, such indicators offer hope that in the fall of 2018, users of Apple’s smartphone will get a stable and productive operating system.

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