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What will be the smartphones and other gadgets in 2018? 12 predictions

Paul Gorodnitsky looked into the future and collected all the most important thing about devices that have not yet happened.

2017 is almost over, and, in General, it is already clear what will happen to the IT industry in the next 12 months.

Below – 12 apparent (though not all) points about how the market will develop mobile devices.

Bermocoll – the major trend of 2018. Now the barrier to entry is in the region of 18-19 thousand roubles: for this money you can take Huawei 2i Nova, the cheapest berloznik, if only decent options. But soon to catch up with other Chinese, which will lower the price tag to 10-12 thousand rubles. Bermocoll will cease to be the exclusive chip and turned into a quite common option. Exactly the same happened with metal case: five years ago, aluminum was considered an elite smartphones, and now you can buy them for 7-8 thousand rubles.

Dual camera will be quite at all, and absolutely everywhere – including on the front panel. They are now put anywhere, but in 2018, manufacturers will begin to add a second module is purely for show. As a rule, people don’t care how takes such a tandem. “Oh, dual camera, then everything is cool” to primitive thinking has accustomed the iPhone 7 Plus. Now for the tricky Corporation blatantly play into stereotypes, so only trust a blind test: Google with its Pixel 2 is already proved that a single camera may be sufficient for high-quality photos.

3.5 mm connector will begin to go back to where it was removed. In Asia gradually realize that ignore this useful hole senseless. Accordingly, if before you will be the smartphone of 2018 without the mini-Jack, know this: the manufacturer of the gadget – shameless kopipaster Apple.

Wireless charging will not be trending, despite the release of Air Power from Apple. There is a tiny chance that panel for charging without cords located in shopping malls, restaurants and airports, but not exactly in 2018. Despite all the efforts of Apple, the function remained highly in demand, because in fact leads more as needed.

Facial recognition will be in every first Android flagship, but will be exactly as said Phil Schiller disgusting. Here, as with the Touch ID: Apple’s competitors the lenses have begun to work normally in 2015, 1.5 years after the release of the iPhone 5s. Therefore, tolerant counterparts Face ID will debut no earlier than 2019.

Get ready: it will be a lot of dull chatter about virtual reality, alternative reality, and artificial intelligence. In 2018 we won’t wait for no practical benefit from these technologies so that you can relax. The ultimate dream – game AR, which is now (and which, incidentally, is unbearably boring).

MicroUSB will not die, but sorry. The refusal of the old connector is the same slow as the transition from old to new versions of Android. Unfortunately, your one-stop USB Type-C will not soon take over the market completely. All claims – to the producers of budget smartphones: they believe that for the sake of saving you can push and MicroUSB, no one will be upset.

Microsoft will continue to dream about a folding smartphone. Samsung – bendable gadget. Of course, all dreams will remain a patent in the safe.

Fast charging will become a cosmic jet. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845, which will be installed in all of the flagships next year, stalling the phenomenal speed: up to 50% in 15 minutes with an average battery capacity (probably around 3200-3500 mAh). IPhone X, if that, charging to 50% takes just under an hour (and that is with an adapter from the iPad).

Apple will keep the design of the iPhone X is the main flagship of 2018 will look exactly the same. But there is confidence that the cheaper version of the iPhone will receive a new body. Now elementary a shame to have such a framework, as in the iPhone 6.

Massive smart watches will remain only in the form of Apple Watch. Popular fitness wristband – only in the form of Xiaomi Mi Band. It seems, others diversified IT companies and failed to produce a universal wearable gadget. Expensive professional devices (heart rate monitors, bracelets and so on) are still selling well because they buy these athletes, lacking the functionality of pitylak for 5-10-15 thousand rubles.

Android-tablets – all finish. And so they were worthless, but finally they were finished iPad 2017. Everything is logical: the strongest survived.

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