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What will be the next innovative Apple product?

Developer Daniel Eclair wrote an article in which he suggested the next big innovation from Apple. In his opinion, such will be the augmented reality technology: the company is already working on the ecosystem for integrating it into their products.


“Tim cook is not Steve jobs”. “Apple has not released anything interesting since the iPhone”. “The era of Apple passed”. Loud statements appear almost every day: Apple has dried up. She can’t create something innovative.

This is absurd. Despite the snarky headlines, innovation remains the hallmark of Apple. Personal computers are on the brink of extinction due to augmented reality. The recent acquisition of Apple patents say about the company’s intention to move in this direction.

Tim cook said about his attitude to technology: “Augmented reality are gaining popularity, and when that happens, we will all wonder how you lived without it”.

Review cook speaks about the intention of Apple to make a bet on augmented reality in the future. The device presented in the current lineup of Apple products, once again testify to this desire.

If augmented reality glasses will succeed, for their work will need a powerful computer (iPhone) and new channel of interaction with humans (AirPods and Siri).

Apple is slowly building an ecosystem of products, which augmented reality will become a powerful and well-working technology. In addition to its oddities Google Glass lacked power and wireless integration for organic and natural user interaction.

Fortunately, products such as the Apple Watch show that large capacity can easily fit in a small device, which can also interact with other device. Apple has many areas where they could develop their hardware products, but now the company has laid a strong Foundation.

Over the years, laptops have replaced the computers and now our main device is placed in the pocket. Technology continues to improve: they are not only reduced in size, and becoming closer to our body.

Up to this point, Wearables have a negative effect on our eyes. Now wear a computer on my face is a challenge. But who does not like Apple can take it?

Despite the many challenges, the Apple Watch is a step in the right direction. It is not only a powerful device, it interacts directly with our skin and makes it unobtrusive. Controversial AirPods are also impressive: they provide high quality (not perfect, just good) sound while the wireless communication with the smartphone.

Apple has rethought almost every personal device: computer, mp3 player, laptop, smartphone. The following will be augmented reality.

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