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What will be the iPhone in 10 years?

This year’s iPhone celebrates 10-year anniversary. Edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article in which he made a prediction about what will be Apple in 10 years.

In 2027, the iPhone will be able to recognize people’s faces, to prepare background materials for the meeting and almost instantly to provide her transcript, predicts journalists.

The concept phone will radically change by the time when the iPhone will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. The device will be even thinner, they will probably be able to turn to several times or twist, they can be placed on the wrists or on the neck, they will have new features such as augmented reality.

Bulky gadgets that are now used for augmented reality technologies will go in the past and they will come “smart” glasses. This will produce a revolution in regard to information and its consequences is comparable only with the effect of the introduction of the first smartphone, I think in the WSJ.

According to Ryan Walsh for several years engaged in research programs at Apple, the acquisition of such capabilities will allow users to “deeper and more effectively interact with the outside world.”

However, the appearance of such iPhone there is another side: if users want to expand their capabilities through the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, they will have to agree to constant surveillance. The company will tighten policy in the field of rights on personal information and promise not to share it with anyone.

To get used to it will not be easy, analysts said, so the main difference iPhone 2027 will be, what will be the terms and conditions and to what extent people would be willing to accept these conditions.

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