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What will be iPhone SE second generation? 5 options

Or Apple will strain and surprise, or again presents a practical, but boring mini-flagship.

Four-inch iPhone with a top performance debuted a year and a half ago.

It’s time to admit: this release is a natural triumph of the Apple because of the device with a small screen and ancient (in terms of design) body wound up from the crowd.

One likes the compactness, the other – the autonomy of (and in order), third is encouraging the price. It is not surprising that SE fans are waiting for from Apple continue this series.

It is not known when in Cupertino ripe for the second generation of Special Edition, but walk through the network of fragmented insides and concepts.

I gathered them into a single picture and find out what really happen to iPhone SE.

1. Old corps, new iron

Probability: 60%

Apple is very lazy: most of the products in the Corporation specifically forgotten (MacBook Air, iPad mini), the other ripped off deadline (HomePod), and some (iPhone 6/7/8) update slowly so that money can be homesick and move to Android.

Most likely, Apple announces iPhone SE 2nd Generation routine press release with the pathetic title. For example: “We have updated the best compact smartphone in the world. Enjoy.”

And people will enjoy.

By the way, the expectations from such a SE 2 a long time clear: the new Touch ID, new camera, new CPU, new case color (like pink in the first SE) and fast charging. Such update of the line will equal to one word: “Choke, lovers SE. You don’t have time”.

But the smartphone will still go a decent run.

2. iPhone SE in the style of the iPhone 7

Probability: 10%

On the one hand, packaging SE in frosted case is a great idea, because this material is perhaps not the most practical in the entire history of the iPhone. The device can be dropped, to be thrown in pockets with change, to put on any surface, but the black layer is still not coming off. Besides, it is impossible to forget about moisture protection is a nice bonus corps “seven”.

On the other hand, the chances that Apple will make a smartphone with new screen, minimal. In Cupertino prefer not to squander resources on such things, and SE is a device, which in principle cannot be a solid margin. The same situation, for example, with the iPad mini: if he doesn’t bring the company money, so, about it forget.

So you’ll have to admit: a 4.3-4.5 inch iPhone SE is a promising gadget from the point of view of fans, but useless in the context of the current strategy of Apple.

3. SE iPhone style iPhone 8

Probability: 4%

Here exactly the same situation as with “seven”: good on paper, but unrealistic in life.
Small glass SE could be sexy, but it will release only in one scenario: if Apple eager fiercely to promote wireless charging. While the time can be removed from the official website of the iPhone 6s/7 to keep only the SE 2, “eight” and the iPhone X.

4. Frameless iPhone SE

Probability: 1%

Artists may draw exciting iPhone concepts SE 2 with edge-to-edge screen and the body in the spirit of the iPhone 5, but this masterpiece sketches never come to life.

First, Apple is never going to take away market share from 5.8-inch iPhone X. second, it is already clear how difficult the production of iPhones without frames. Third, this SE will inevitably lose one of the key benefits – low prices.

So no, not an option. Forget.

5. No iPhone SE

Probability: 25%

Apple will always find an excuse not to produce. If you get questions, can be conceited to declare that the name of the Special Edition involves a one-time action. Or explain what a four inch little to 2018. Or stupid to reduce the price of iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, so that the people passed from the first SE 4.7-inch displays.

Moreover, while all the rumors that SE 2 will come from Asia, not from the most reliable sources.

So anything is possible – nobody would be surprised if Apple will make out like were not going to continue the line.

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