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What will be in 2018, let’s try to guess

2017 is coming to an end, the results are summarized, the ratings are compiled. It’s time to try to introduce that new technology and mobile devices will appear in 2018.

Edition MacDigger consulted and decided that in 2018:

  • may appear “contactless smart phones”.
    That is, flagship gadgets, the screen of which is, of course, possible, but completely do not need to touch.
    All preconditions for this purpose are: Face ID can recognise the user and responds to direct gaze, TrueDepth camera understands the expression and creates Animoji, and recently left the game for the victory in which you need to wiggle her eyebrows.
    Logical developments is the emergence of features such as recognizing eye movement, and articulation. This will allow you to control the phone with a view to launch applications, navigate screens and type a short message.
    Sensors front camera will analyze the region, which turned the gaze of the user and choose the desired action.
    Improving the recognition of facial expressions can lead to the analysis of articulation, which will also help to type text and do control Siri is much more accurate.
    We imagine commercials where the user can reply to emails, all while eating a Burger and fries; clean teeth and check the calendar; to contact the emergency services, even if impossible to reach and the person is not able to speak.
    Can appear the slogans and memes: “how can OLED screen finger stick, you pervert!”.
    And most importantly, end the era of dirty screens with greasy fingerprints.
  • Wireless charging will increase the range.
    Smartphones will be the “contactless” also from the point of view of the charging process. Now it will be enough to bring the device to the charging stations. Putting the phone on a special pad will be optional. In 2017, the preconditions for the emergence of this technology already exist. At the end of December, Apple has patented a mechanism for efficient wireless charging.
  • Apple will try to enter the market of video games and gaming consoles.
    The Corporation found $ 400 million for the purchase of Shazam, which means the budget can be sufficient to acquire, for example, Nintendo or launch of own production consoles. Previously, Apple tried to market the game console Pippin, but failed. In 2018, the Corporation has all the prerequisites to create a successful product.
  • Apple will pay special attention to the film content and possibly launch a branded streaming service.
    For 2017, the Corporation assembled a team of leading experts in the field of production of television programs and launched several large-scale projects such as the revival of the series “Amazing stories”, the continuation of serial film “Star cruiser “Galaxy” and others. Most likely, Apple will not be resting on our laurels and will continue to capture a new niche for themselves.
  • The update of the SE.
    iPhone SE will get the current screen will increase in size to the iPhone 7, but will retain the traditional form of housing. However, that can happen with smartphones, explained Paul Gorodnitsky.

What ideas do you have? How can change the technology in the near future? What incredible gadgets, in your opinion, will hit the market?

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