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What tweens think about the new iPhone 6s [video]

iPhone 6s went on sale recently, but it already had time thoroughly to analyse and test in numerous reviews. The opinion of experts and target audience of Apple is well known, but what about the new smartphone I think the teenagers?

Reseller Tatet decided to clarify it and to this end has provided equipment for shooting popular blogger Fipro. Video review, which happened in the end, the focus of this article.

Unlock at the speed of sound

When we first met with iPhone 6s immediately catches the eye, how fast it is unlocked, says the author of the review. Improve finger scanner Apple worked for a long time, but the sixth model still needed a second or two to “read” the fingerprint. Touch ID in the iPhone 6s works with impressive speed, almost instantaneously. Teens who are countless times a day pick up the phone, this improvement, of course, had to taste.

New camera features

What the younger generation values most in a smartphone? Many in the first place level camera, so you can use the phone to create a selfie. The iPhone 6s with the full order. Moreover, Apple has worked hard on both cameras, bringing the main resolution to 12 megapixels and the front 5. Color now transmitted more naturally, more visible details. The expectations of consumers to see in front the camera flash did not materialize, but you can get a pretty decent image even in poor visibility conditions. The role of illumination in such circumstances can perform display.

In addition to the iPhone 6s camera introduced a very interesting feature — a Live Photo. The owners of the smartphone has the ability to create animated images, length 2-3 seconds. The camera records a few seconds before and after picture, combining them into a single file. The photos are high quality, but might be hard to watch them only on Apple technology.

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“Hey, Siri!”

Virtual assistant — the option is undoubtedly necessary. In adolescents the presence of the phone calls Siri an absolute delight. Apple has improved the assistant, giving it the ability to find any information that is available online, and young smartphone owners can have fun all day long, giving Siri some brain twisting tasks.

Really bugs?

iPhone 6s has many positive features. This increased to 2 GB of RAM, which happened for the first time in the history of Apple’s smartphone, and is a useful 3D Touch technology, which greatly improved the functionality of the phone, and the availability of power saving mode. But crashing the phone are still present, as the company tries, she does not go to create a smartphone running perfectly.

Than unpleasantly surprised blogger iPhone 6s? At the time of testing were found freezes and overheating of the body, the 3D Touch also periodically crashes, the scanner Touch ID, which was heated even in idle state. Some of these errors corrected update iOS 9.1.

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